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Ultegra shifting glitch(5 posts)

Ultegra shifting glitchbianchi boy
Mar 21, 2001 6:35 PM
My Bianchi with Ultegra 9-speed STI has developed a curious glitch. When downshifting from 7 to 6 (or 14 to 15 cog), it feels like it doesn't shift, although my Flight Deck shows it as going from 7 to 6. Out of curiosity, I put my bike up on the stand, and sure enough, it's not down-shifting from 7 into 6. When I downshift again, however, it goes all the way from 7 to 5.

The glitch doesn't happen when I upshift. It goes smoothly from 5 to 6 to 7. And it doesn't miss any other gears when downshifting.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas as to what is causing it and how to fix it?
re: Ultegra shifting glitchfuzzybunnies
Mar 21, 2001 8:20 PM
the wire might be a little too tense which some times only effects certain gears and not all. Try loosening the adjuster barrel a half turn or two checking the shifting each time. TTFN
re: Ultegra shifting glitchPaul N. VA
Mar 22, 2001 3:05 AM
I had a similar problem, and it was the rear derailleur. Not saying this is your problem, but try turning the barrel adjustment on the derailleur one or two full turns clockwise. If it doesn't fix it, turn it back. A rule of thumb, is to always turn the barrel in the direction of the problem whether it's upshifting or downshifting. This is done after the limits are set via the H/L adjustment screws on the derailleur. Sounds like you're shifter is okay, but the derailleur isn't adjusted correctly(not moving or hesitating).

good luck
Better to make two small adjustmentsSpoke Wrench
Mar 22, 2001 5:47 AM
I basically agree with the two previous posts, but both of them make bigger adjustments at a time than I do. Since you only have this problem in one combination, that tells me a pretty fine adjustment should fix it. I'd only move that barrel adjuster about 1/4 turn. If that doesn't do it, I'd try another 1/4 turn.

I think that the basic mistake that a lot of novices make is to make adjustments in too big of increments. This causes them to "overshoot" the sweet spot and leads to a lot of frustration.
Thanks for the help!bianchi boy
Mar 22, 2001 6:07 PM
I followed ya'lls instructions, and that fixed the problem. Thanks! I really need to learn how to adjust deraillers. I can fix flats, tape bars and clean my chain, but that's about the extent of my mechanical knowledge.