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my bike is full DA except for the BB. Should I upgrade from(6 posts)

my bike is full DA except for the BB. Should I upgrade fromJimbob
Mar 21, 2001 10:12 AM
Ultegra to DA. I've heard some negative things about the DA.
re: my bike is full DA except for the BB. Should I upgrade fromcaldwell-cougar
Mar 21, 2001 11:46 AM
I too have heard numerous problems about the DA BB. I've never experienced any, with my brief encounter using the DA BB.

Personally, I find the Ultegra to be idiot proof and works like a charm. If it's not broke... don't fix it?
DA BB upgradeEntropy669
Mar 21, 2001 4:30 PM
The only "problem" with Dura-Ace bottom brackets is the large percentage of MORONS that can't seem to adjust a traditional cup and cone bottom bracket. Seems that the cartridge style bottom brackets that as others have refered to as "idiot proof" has dumbed down the skillset found in the bike population.

Dura-Ace offers better bearings and less contact drag. You do need to service it from time to time. Expect to overhaul it once a year. Use waterproof grease and it will hold up nicely. If you are abusive and ride underwater then you will need to overhaul it more often.

If you don't want to overhaul the bottom bracket but want an upgrade from Ultegra, get the Dura-Ace track BB. It is sealed and does not require service. It aslo has an extra bearing on the drive side so it stiffens up the spindle/crank slightly.
I had no idea there was a DA track BB...bigdave
Mar 22, 2001 6:28 AM
Never heard that there was a separate DA track BB that was different from the *normal* DA BB. It's sealed, huh? If so, why don't they make them all that way?

Also, would most shops know this and be able to order one??

Hell nopmf
Mar 21, 2001 12:29 PM
I have 3 DA bikes. All of them have Ultgra BB in them. DA BB is a pain in the butt, unless you like fiddling with things, then it could be a source of amusement for you. For me, I'd rather spend my time doing other things.
shimano: do not use DA track BB outside!dash
Mar 26, 2001 11:20 AM
Here is what shimano has to say sbout DA track BB:
(FAQ from shimano-europe)

Can I use the Dura Ace Track bottom bracket for my road bike?

No, this is not recommended, even though the Dura Ace Track bottom bracket (BB-7710) does have the exact same dimensions as the road version (BB-7700). The difference is that a bottom bracket for road (outside) requires perfect sealing to prevent dust, water and dirt from coming in. The BB-7710 does not have these seals as track racing usually takes place in an inside track.

In case you wish to assemble a cartridge bottom bracket with the Dura Ace 9-speed group, we suggest to use the BB-6500, a bottom bracket that normally is recommended for the Ultegra 9-speed group.