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Recessed Brakes? Little help here?..(2 posts)

Recessed Brakes? Little help here?..Bill B
Mar 20, 2001 7:18 PM
Hello, new to road bikes if you couldn't tell, anyway I need to pick up some road calipers for an older Trek 1420 frame I'm putting together and I have seen listings for recessed bolt calipers. How do I know which I need and what is the difference? Any help would be appreciated.
re: Recessed Brakes? Little help here?..zelig1
Mar 21, 2001 4:59 AM
For brake sets, the nut which goes onto the bolt on which the calipers are mounted and attaches the brake to the frame or fork comes in two different styles.

The first is where on the side opposite of the brake bridge or fork, from which the brake is mounted, the nut (a typical flat nut driven by a closed end or box wrench) is attached so that when tightened, it remains visible. The recessed model is when the hole in the brake bridge or fork is machined to accomodate a cylndrical nut, tightened with a hex wrench, so when tightened it is then flush with the brake bridge or fork.