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Bike Project (light weight)(15 posts)

Bike Project (light weight)Scott Baryenbruch
Mar 20, 2001 4:24 PM
Ok, I am the information source for a friend who is building a lightweight road bike. I know this has been discussed before but let's get a fresh look at what can be done.
I will cover what is being considered for the bike and then I would appreciate any comments/suggestions to improve/lighten the bike.

Wheelset(already have it): American classic hubs on velocity aeroheads
seat post: USE carbon
Seat: Selle SLR
Frame: Look KG281, Giant TCR, Ellsworth Flight??
Fork: Look HSC straight bladed
Headset: King??
Stem: ????
Bar: ????
Shifters: Dura Ace / Record
Brake calipers: ????
derailleurs: Dura Ace / Record
Bottom Bracket: American classic, Action Tec ?????
Crankset: Zipp, FSA, ????????
Chainrings: ?????
Pedals: Speedplay's

Ok, Let's fill in the question marks!
Scott Baryenbruch
This is easy...TJeanloz
Mar 20, 2001 4:41 PM
I assume that price is no object.

Stem: ITM 'The Stem'; should be out shortly.
Bars: Easton EC90; I don't think anything else comes close weight-wise
Headset: You can do lighter than a King really easily- Cane Creek or other.
Drivetrain: Record shifters and derrailluers are lighter than the D.A. combo.
Crankset: LEW composites, or, with enough money, Mroti titanium.
BB: Phil Wood Ti.
Chainrings: Record/Dura-Ace/T.A. any weight saved will not be worth the performance lost.
Brake Calipers: Cane Creek/Brew are the lightest, Mavic SSC are the lightest that actually work.
Frame: I'm not going to go there, but it will be aluminum or carbon.

It won't be cheap, but it will be light.
This is easy...JohnG
Mar 20, 2001 7:24 PM
My 44 cm '199' bars actually weighed 196 gms. That's pretty close to the EC90 without the ergo problems or cost.
good rides JohnG
You're one of the lucky ones...TJeanloz
Mar 21, 2001 6:17 AM
I've never known a Prima 199 to weigh less than 200g; but I'm sure some of them do, depending on where they fell in the production run. And EC90's look so much cooler.
re: Bike Project (light weight)fuzzybunnies
Mar 20, 2001 5:40 PM
TTT motus stem is light and looks good
Have to agree on the ec90 handlebars
Profile carbon crank requires a shimano bb
Avitar werx rings
For reliability you're better off with which ever set matches the groupo.
Trek 5900 frame
re: Bike Project (light weight)Roger in PA
Mar 21, 2001 3:37 AM
Stella*Azzurra Carbo Profi bar is lighter than the Easton at 180gms, plus it has dual cable grooves and a more normal anatomic section.

Minuses? 44cm only currently available.
Practicallity Vs. Light WeightPeter Rhodes
Mar 21, 2001 4:09 AM
My first question - Do you want it to work or are you just looking for the lightest possible weight?

seat post: USE carbon
Seat: Selle SLR <-----Bet it's not very comfortable
Frame: HANDS DOWN Giant TCR 2.2lbs
Fork: Giant Carbon fiber, 2001 has carbon steerer and is aero bladed
Headset: Record Threadless
Stem: Newton or Millenium
Bar: Go for practicallity here. Newton or Millenium
Shifters: Record (ligther then Shimano)
Brake calipers: Mavic or record DO NOT use the Dia Compe, they are horrible
derailleurs: Record
Bottom Bracket: Again common sense...Record
Crankset: Common sense Record
Chainrings: Campy
Sure you can build up something stupid light, but the real question is how trustworthy are the components, and how much are you paying to save 5 grams? This is a fact, most of the Pro peleton who use ITM go with the Pro-260. ITM even admits it. These are stiff, light, and very trustworthy
Cranks and BB I tend to not screw with. Go with functionallity over weight here.
Practicallity Vs. Light WeightChrisA
Mar 21, 2001 4:41 PM
I agree. I'm partial to Shimano. You can't beat DA cranks and BB (if you are competent to install it correctly). I'd use one group through out. Why spend more $$ to save a few measily oz. Another option is a CAAD6. These things are extremely light weight.
re: Bike Project (light weight)Dog
Mar 21, 2001 5:24 AM
Wheelset(already have it): American classic hubs on velocity aeroheads (Zipp 303's would be the trick if going tubular)
seat post: USE carbon
Seat: Selle SLR (mine is very comfortable to me)
Frame: Look KG281, Giant TCR, Ellsworth Flight?? (DeRosa UG 1.9 lbs)
Fork: Look HSC straight bladed
Headset: King??
Stem: ???? (ITM "The Stem")
Bar: ???? (I didn't like the Easton; the Prima 199 is close)
Shifters: Dura Ace / Record (All Dura Ace with SRP bolts can be lighter, expecially using downtube shifters)
Brake calipers: ????
derailleurs: Dura Ace / Record (DA with SRP)
Bottom Bracket: American classic, Action Tec ????? (if you go DA, you must use Shimano)
Crankset: Zipp, FSA, ????????
Chainrings: ?????
Pedals: Speedplay's

Keep the frame as small as possible with appropriate top tube length
Use narrow bars (if weight is the primary issue)
Keep cable lengths as short as possible
Don't forget light tires and tubes; you can lose a lot of weight there

You must be insaneChrisA
Mar 21, 2001 4:45 PM
Down-tube shifter, small frame, narrow bars???? You've got to be kidding???? Do you really want to use down-tube shifters? Have you ever ridden with bars that are too narrow, or a frame that's too small? This thread is absolutely ridiculous. Just my opinion.
Mar 22, 2001 5:19 AM
The question was weight, not sanity.

I do ride a bike with down tube shifters. It's a 1980 Bianchi. Also, I've used a downtube shifter for the front derailleur, and it doesn't work half bad (not for close pack racing, though).

And..... I didn't say TOO narrow or small ("Keep the frame as small as possible with appropriate top tube length").

Sure, weight obsession may not be the most productive thing to do, but it's not "insane."

To each his own. YMMV.

re: Bike Project (light weight)Turtleherder
Mar 21, 2001 6:14 AM
If you are really serious about the weight weenie approach you should have a listing for cables. Gore Ride-on Ultralite cables will save 10 grams over the Shimano cables. Also, does one type of bar tape weigh less than another?
You're going nowhere without a cassette...biknben
Mar 21, 2001 4:37 PM
A lot of Euro pros are supposedly using TA aluminum cassettes. Anyone know if these are any lighter?
re: Bike Project (light weight)Ian
Mar 21, 2001 5:22 PM
Since you asked about the KG281 and I will be building one later this week, thought you might want know how I am equipping it. Thanks to Doug Sloan and his gram scale, I have figured out what the bike will weigh. It should be just a hair under 17 lbs.

KG281 frame
HSC 3 fork
Velomax Orion Comp wheels
Dura-Ace components except for Ultegra bottom bracket
EC-90 road bar
Newton stem
King headset
Vredestein tires w/ normal thickness tubes
Look seatpost
Selle Italia Gel saddle
Speedplay X/2

Now I could get this bike down to 16 without trying to hard.

Dura-Ace bottom bracket saves 50 grams
SLR saddle saves 100 grams
Lightweight tires 100-120 grams
Lightweight tubes 70-80 grams

But, I know at that weight it is going to give me more headaches. I think I will like the way it is equipped at 17 lbs.
re: Bike Project (light weight)Daniel H.
Mar 21, 2001 8:39 PM
check ada for the lightest wheels, they're trick full carbon fiber jobs. they are more than three grand a set though.