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DT Revolutions on rear wheel - Any experiences???(13 posts)

DT Revolutions on rear wheel - Any experiences???Tom B
Mar 20, 2001 8:40 AM
I'm hoping to hear about people's experiences with DT Revolutions on the rear wheel. How did they feel? Any spoke failures? Frequency of truing, etc.? If you reply, please let me know your body weight, spoke count, rim, and lacing pattern.

I'm torn between shaving grams with the Rev's (14/17/14) and possibly sacrificing long-term durability vs. using the slightly heavier/more durable DT Competition's (14/15 gauge). Based on DT's spoke weights, I figure the difference in weight for a 32-spoke wheel will be about 50-55g.

I weigh 140-145lbs (5'-6") and I'm going to have a wheelset built for a nice fixed gear bike I'm building for road use. I'm not a courier, so it would be for fast training and just for fun. I started out with intentions of a basic low-buck bike, but it quickly became a more expensive project when I got excited about the idea of having a 14(ish)lb bike and started buying lighter (e.g. $$$) components. Obviously, the bike isn't for racing, but being lighter will make climbing and accelerating earsier. I'll admit I'm being a weight weenie, but I don't want to go silly-light!

I know many people use Rev's on the NON-drive side of the rear wheel and 14/15 on the drive side, but I'm using a flip-flop hub, so really both are drive sides.

This is what I'm thinking about building:

FRONT: 28h Velocity Aerohead rim, radial Revolution spokes, custom low-flange Phil Wood front track hub (same flange dia. as their road hubs).

REAR: 32h Velocity Aerohead rim, 3-cross Revolution(?)/Competition(?) spokes, custom low-flange Phil Wood flip-flop rear track hub.

I appreciate your comments/opinions based on your history with these spokes. Thanks!
re: DT Revolutions on rear wheel - Any experiences???graham
Mar 20, 2001 9:35 AM
I have several sets of road wheels with DT Revolution spokes on the non drive side. I have not had any major issues and would recommend them to a light wieght person only.Note #1, Do not use them on a drive side. Note #2, A wicked hard pot hole hit might cause the spoke located 180 degrees opposite side to pull out, stretch or in one case rip the eyelet out of the rim.(This is the reason to have crossed spokes) The use on a fix gear wheel is a deal breaker though. The torque applied would be significantly more than with a "normal" configured bike when accelerating out from a start. The thin section of the Revolutions might stretch too much for a reliable wheel and might be of concern. (This for the fix gear wheel) All of my wheels have been made with a similar radial front and non-drive side for spoke length and thus lesser wieght.I have recently built a pair of wheels with DT Revolution spokes, Campy Record and Velocity AeroHead rims(28 and 32 hole). The wheels are less wieght than a pair of Nucleons, have the best hubs available and have servicable rims. Cost was $200 less than the cheapest U.K. mailorder for a pair of Nucleons or Heliums.
re: DT Revolutions on rear wheel - Any experiences???MacGuyver
Mar 20, 2001 10:12 AM
I Weigh 160-170lbs and have Dura Ace 28 spoke hubs with Mavic Open Pro rims. The front is radial laced and the rear is three cross, on both sides. I have about 4000 miles on them with no issues at all. Last time I trued them was last winter, 2000 miles ago. If you don't go with Revolutions, at least use 15/16 gauge spokes, not 14/15. I've used 15/16 on my mtn bike and they've lasted almost 9 years and several thousand miles off road. Revolution spokes should be very reliable for a rider of your weight.
15/16 spokesTom B
Mar 20, 2001 11:03 AM
Hey MacGuyver,

Thanks for your input. From what Graham said about not using Revolutions on the drive side and since I have a flip-flop hub, I guess I've ruled them out for the rear wheel. I thought about 15/16's and I'm glad to hear you've had such great results with them, but I may go with 14/15 Competitions for aesthetic reasons...DT doesn't offer the 15/16's in BLACK :(. I'm going to use black Revolutions on the front with black rims. It may sound silly, or maybe you understand... I guess I'm a fashion victim!

Do you by chance know if Wheelsmith makes black 15/16's?
No problems for meSputnik
Mar 20, 2001 10:59 AM
Weight: 170ish (168-174, depending on time of year)
32 spokes front & rear, 3X pattern
Velocity Aerohead rims
Chorus hubs

I've been riding these wheels for about a year and probably have about 5000 miles on them. Have had no problems, contrary to some peoples statements that they should not be used on rear drive side. Had them made by Bultek Sports, who said they do not mix diameters spokes on wheels and that Revolutions are not a problem for drive side. They have not required any major truing, but occasional touch-ups for near perfect true. They are a little noisey when climbing out of the saddle.
"noisey when climbing out of the saddle"?Tom B
Mar 20, 2001 11:21 AM

I was a little confused. When you said that your Revolution spoked wheels are a little noisey when climbing out of the saddle, what parts were making the noise? Were the spokes creaking at the nipple to rim contact points or at the hub, or was something else going on?

If this only happened when you were climbing, I assume that's when you're putting the most torque on the drive spokes, right?

Thanks for your help.
"noisey when climbing out of the saddle"?Shylock
Mar 20, 2001 11:45 AM
I get noise out of my Revos as well....Not sure what exactly is creaking --- spokes rubbing, nipples twisting --- but it happens. Of course, only on the hard sprints and steep climbs.
Sort of a creaky, plucking soundSputnik
Mar 20, 2001 1:56 PM
I don't think it's coming from the nipple/eyelet interface, but is probably coming from where the spokes cross each other. I've heard that 15/16 ga. spokes are sometimes noisey at the hub because the spoke can move around more in the hub drilling, but this shouldn't happen with the Revos. It's not really annoying and isn't very loud, but never heard it until I rode with the Revos.
Sort of a creaky, plucking soundTom B
Mar 21, 2001 6:55 AM
So, do any of you think the creaking (if it's coming from where the spokes cross) is a sign of excessive stretching? And is this degree of stretching shortening the life of the spokes?

I don't have many hills near where I live, so there won't be many times when I'm pounding the pedals to get up hill. The thing is since I'd be on a fixed gear, every time I start from a dead stop and try to accelerate quickly I think I'd be pushing pretty hard on the drivetrain/drive side spokes. I'm going to use a front brake only (the flip-flop hub is double sided fixed, not fixed/free) so although I will mostly use the front brake to stop, I'm sure I will be applying some negative resistance to the pedals to help slow down.

I'm interested in taking a chance on the Revo's but I'm hoping the noise isn't more frequent than on your regular freewheel/geared bikes. If I get at least 3-4 years use from the spokes without breaking any or having to true them every other month I think I'd be satisfied. I have three other road bikes so my annual mileage is fairly divided already.

If the creaking were coming from the hub and the friction that made the noise was wearing away at the flanges my expensive Phil Wood hub I wouldn't be a happy camper. But Sputnik doesn't think this happens with the 14 gauge ends so I won't worry about that.

Thanks for all your help! If anyone has anything to add I'm still interested in hearing from you.
re: DT Revolutions on rear wheel - Any experiences???JohnG
Mar 20, 2001 7:44 PM
I just built (my very first wheel) a rear wheel with revos. Chorus hub, 32 hole, revo on non-drive, and 14/15 on drive side, and aerohead rim. No problem so far with a couple of short rides. Oh, I did ride over a huge pot-hole about 10 times to "test" the wheel and it held its "true". The rim does have a small discontinuity at the weld which was there before the pothole test. :(

If I had to do it over again I would build the wheel with Revos on the drive side also. I don't like the "feel" of the stiff 14/15 spokes when matched with the Revos. The spokes just feel WAY too different. At your weight I'd give it a try. Oh, I'm 150# and a medium strong rider.

3 yrs on a MTB, no problemRed Dog #1
Mar 21, 2001 8:08 AM
I weigh 145 lbs. On my mountain bike I run Bonty Valients, King hubs, alloy nipples, 15/17 revolutions on all but the drive train side of the rear. On the Drive side I use 14/17's. All the wheels are laced 3X. I built them using Wheel Smith spoke prep, stress releive them 5 times with a old crank arm, then equalized all the tension using tensiometer. Overkill maybe, but I've only trued them once, and yes I really to ride off road. I've only broken one of the spokes, but that was caused by a rock getting wedged in my wheel (that was an interesting wreck!).

I've have almost the exact same set up on my road bike, except I use Mavic Open Pro's. After two years and 7000 K plus they've only need one very minor truing.

If you do have any problems with your wheels, don't blame the spokes!
3 yrs on a MTB, no problemTom B
Mar 21, 2001 9:38 AM
Hey Red Dog,

That's definately a positive testimonial! From what I've heard from different places, a precise, thorough wheel build is pretty key to getting good long lasting results with Revo's. It sounds like you did a great job!

I've decided to give the 14/17/14's a try on both sides of the rear wheel. I'm getting slightly custom track hubs directly from Phil Wood and I've heard they build great wheels. I'm probably going to take them up on an offer they gave me to build mine and I'm confidant they'll do a great job.

After I've had them for a while I'll post how the wheels turned out, how they ride and if they creak at all.

Thanks again to all of you!
Pride go-ith before the ruined spokes......Red Dog #1
Mar 23, 2001 2:12 PM
Wouldn't you know after bragging up my wheels the next day I overshifted into the spokes. #$^*(^$((%#@# derailer travel adjustment screws, I got lazy and hadn't checked them in a year or so, maybe a little blue loc tite this time will help. So you can make that 4 replaces spokes, and 2 trueings now. Should have kept my mouth shut.