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ultegra sti is sticking(4 posts)

ultegra sti is stickingchahny
Mar 20, 2001 8:19 AM
The component is brand new, but when shifting from the big ring to the little ring sometimes the shifter sticks (the smaller lever of the left shifter). If you stop trying to push it and then give it another try sometimes it works. This problem is only intermittent and happens randomly, for example it does not happen only after using the brake lever. Has anyone had any experience with this, or should I just try to have my LBS swap it out under warranty?
might be the screws...yapsaw
Mar 20, 2001 12:10 PM
Check both screws on the release lever. Its sitting between the two levers. I had the same problem but with my right lever. The screw was loose and was interfering with the lever. Hope this helps. If it still persist just get them(lbs) to change it to a new pair.
re: ultegra sti is stickingSamcat
Mar 20, 2001 1:57 PM
Have you checked your fr. der. for alignment? Is the der. adjusted properly? Are the limit screws properly set? Are you sure it's the lever, not cable stretch or any other fr. der issue? If all seems OK w/the der, here's a couple of things to look for/try:
Check to see that there is clearance between both levers. At least the thickness of a business card. The levers like to be perfectly aligned. They have a return spring that must disengage prior to allowing the next (subsequent) shift. Anything that prevents either lever from returning to it's "neutral" position will cause the lever not to "reset" and then to appear to stick. Most frustrating...
The 2001 levers, and I believe some late 2000 levers, have a little rubberband on the lever to kill the "STI Rattle". If your levers have them, see if the little critter is hanging up the full return.
At any rate, if you run into the "won't let you shift" situation again, try a gentle nudge on the lever toward the outside, counter to it's normal shifting motion. That should enable the lever to return to it's neutral position and allow you to shift...assuming that the STI gods are happy...
Try ThisJohnMe
Mar 21, 2001 6:45 AM
I had a similiar problem with my DuraAce shifters. The problem is probably not your cables or deraillers, but the shifter itself. Try spraying a bit of Triflow into the shifter assembly and shift the shifter up and down a lot to work in the lube. I did this and now it feels and works perfect.