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Look Pedal bearings(3 posts)

Look Pedal bearingsDan Ida
Mar 19, 2001 6:42 PM
How do you get the bearings out of a Look 166 pedal. The large one on the pedal shaft seems to be a press on fit holding on the plastic nut that holds the shaft in. The little roller bearing in the pedal, How does that come out. Obviously, there is some dirt somewhere and the whole thing needs to be cleaned and regreased. Finally, are these small parts available from Look or somewhere?

re: Look Pedal bearingsTom
Mar 19, 2001 7:21 PM
I have and use this very model.Look used to provide an axle/ bearing assembly which, when I last saw it was carried by The third hand at the outrageous price of $44.15 per axle/bearing assembly. What I did after receiving no reply from Look was to buy a beat up set on ebay 156,166,176 up to 196 work. You need the tool which you seem to have. Clean out the inside of the body, dab some light grease on the internal roller bearings(they are not replaceable) and if you lucked out on the beater set screw in those axles. Don't listen to the non-sense about ebay on this forum. There are plenty of good buys there but you do have to pass on the feverish auctions. I got my 166's there boxed and unused w/2 cleat sets for 36 bucks.I got the beater set (for the axle/bearing replacements) for a different set for $16.
re: Look Pedal bearingsAHobie17
Mar 21, 2001 7:11 AM
Not sure about the 166 pedal, but I had some Look pedals that had a plastic cap with holes around it. Take something sharp( a Punch), put it in one of the holes and unscrew the cap buy tapping the punch with a small hammer. When the cap is off remove the Nylock nut almost off the axle, tap loose the axle while the nut is still attached (you want to protect the threads). When the axle is loose remove the nut, then axle, the outside Bearing should fall out. You may need to lightly tap out the inside bearing. The inside bearing will have to be removed in the direction from the crank side out. Away from the crank arm. There is a seal (I think) on the crank arm side.
If the axle isn't pitted don't bother LOOK for the bearings. They probably higher anyway. Look in the yellow pages under bearings for a bearing shop. Locate the closest one and take your bearings to them and they can match them up and get you some.