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How do you solve a rattle in the break lever?(3 posts)

How do you solve a rattle in the break lever?LAIrish
Mar 19, 2001 5:30 PM
I have a Klein with Shimano 105 components. The left break lever has developed a rattle whenever I ride over rough pavement. (Santa Rosa road outside of Solvang is beautiful, but the pavement is not particularly well maintained.) If I put a little tension on the lever, the rattle stops.

Any suggestions? I was thinking of trying to find a tiny rubber wedge I could glue between the housing and lever to simulate pressure on the lever. Or looking for some of that rubber lip stuff that is used to protect the edges on metal parts and put that around the edges of the housing (though the pieces may be too small for that to work). I really would rather not have to buy a whole new lever system.
Here's how.nigel
Mar 19, 2001 6:06 PM
I've had the same problem, as have many, many others. Here's a link to the Chain Reaction Cycles site with a real-deal fix. Takes a bit of silicone sealant. Read on.

One change I'd suggest, though: instead of reattaching the dust cover from bottom to top (as suggested), try it top to bottom; this way worked for me, not the other way around.

Simple, quick, and (I believe) permanent.
Different Rattle?DCP
Mar 20, 2001 9:33 AM
I have a right level 105 rattle problem, but the rattle does not seem to be coming from the plastic cap and instead seems to come from the shift lever contacting the brake lever. Someone on this board said that they put foam tape in between the two levers and that took care of the problem. I am very tempted to try this, although I am a bit concerned about what happens when the tape starts falling apart.