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Spinergy SPOX or Cane Creek Crono's(3 posts)

Spinergy SPOX or Cane Creek Crono'sEastCoaster
Mar 19, 2001 2:16 PM
I recently purchased a set of Spinergy SPOX R1 (Y2k) and a set of '01 Cane Creek Crono Aeroheads (steel spoke version). I'll probably keep one and sell the others on ebay. I'd like to keep the ones I sell new, so therefore will not test ride unless absolutely necessary. Does anyone have any experience with either of these, and which do you recommend? Pros/Cons of either would be appreciated. Thanks!!
re: Spinergy SPOX or Cane Creek Crono'skeith m.
Mar 19, 2001 5:43 PM
I've had two sets of R-2's. loved the way they rode, but started having problems with the free hub bodies and premature bearing failure. All this has been fixed three times by Spinergy, but it still is a hassle.
I have an older set of Cane Creek Crono's (aeroheads)bill
Mar 21, 2001 7:08 AM
A Cane Creek guy told me, by the way, that the Crono name is left over from a company that Cane Creek bought.
My Cane Creeks. Hmm. They are a bit older; the front is not even a machined brake surface on the rim. My rear is a newer rim, because it came out of a box (closeout, Performance) with a sizeable ding, and they replaced it with what is obviously a newer model (maybe a little less aero, actually). Cane Creek asked some questions (wouldn't anyone?) but they came through.
The wheels are stiff, light and fast (I pass lots of people on downhills; I find myself sitting up when gliding to allow others to catch up or to avoid piling up). They are a pain to true, because of the way the hubs are set up, but it's not impossible (they give you this teeny weeny little wrench). Whether the rear is more fragile or worse designed or less well made than the front, I don't know, but I am forever tinkering with the rear and never with the front.
I also have a set of Ksyriums, which, regrettably for comparison purposes, I never have run with the same tires; although the Ksyriums seem just as fast and a tad more comfortable, I've been running them with 25 tires instead of the 23 on the Cane Creeks.
I think that the hubs are kind of cool looking, as are the rims. The machining and stuff is pretty good -- not perfect (rim seams, etc.), but pretty good.