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Mar 19, 2001 6:36 AM
Someone out there, please help! I need reveiws on the koobi tri saddle. Anything would help.
I have a TriMikeC
Mar 19, 2001 8:26 AM
I bought a Tri in January, but have only put a couple of hundred miles on it since then. Here's my early opinion:
1. I'm not sure it's worth the extremely high price. It's a nice saddle, but I think we may have reached the point where diminishing returns set in.
2. I have had no numbness problems. It does the job.
3. The Koobi guys told me that my saddle had a little extra gel. It's comfortable enough, but it's not exactly a revelation.
4. I'm not one who buys into the extreme weight-reduction argument. My body weight varies according to what time of day I ride, what I've eaten, how well-hydrated I am, what I'm wearing, etc. The one or two ounce weight difference is not an issue.
5. I'm not wild over the cosmetics of the saddle. It's kind of bland, with their black phase-change material dominating and some silver leather highlights.
6. I'm a little concerned about the construction quality. The stitching bordering the "groove" is "fuzzing" a little, and the silver leather on the sides seems to sag a little.
7. I called Koobi, and asked them about replacement if the stitching comes apart. I was told that if it's within warranty, fine; if not, too bad.
In summary, it's a comfortable, lightweight, non-numbing saddle. But for $139 I expected a life-changing experience. Maybe that was my own stupidity.
Go Cheaper, but go Koobi!MisJG
Mar 20, 2001 7:07 AM
I have one of the original Koobi saddles from back when they only made two models. One was a lighter weight "racing" saddle and one was made with a little more padding for longer rides and more comfort. I opted for the more cushy saddle as most of the riding I do would entail long hours in the saddle. I agree with MikeC that the few ounces you'll save in a more expensive saddle won't make any difference. Saving weight in components is only worth it if you are still comfortable on the bike. If you are saving a few ounces but it makes the bike painful to ride, you'll probably go much slower that any weight savings would have slowed you down. Anyway, the Koobi saddle WAS a life changing experience for me! I went from the hard as a brick CODA saddle that came with my Cannondale to the Terry Men's Liberator with mixed results. While it was more comfy as long as I stayed directly over the cut-out in the saddle, it did not help if I was anywhere else (try as I might, I tend to ride the nose of the saddle). While the Liberator was better, I would still get numb after some rides. The Koobi changed all of that. It is without a doubt the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden. I think they still sell this saddle (Au? Not sure of the name) and it only cost me about $50. As for looks or durability, I always put a cover over my saddle any way (just lycra, no extra padding) so I can change the look of my saddle whenever I want. Any friction from my legs will wear out the cover before it wears out anything else. That said, my saddle looks as good now as it did when I took it out of the box it shipped in. If you have any kind of numbness problem, these saddles will solve it. But it, you won't regret it!
Tried one, but it didn't fit meBrianC
Mar 21, 2001 10:09 AM
Also back when they only made two models, and I was in search of a new saddle. I got the lighter "race" model which had less padding than the other model. I had it for about two weeks, and then returned it because although it did relieve pressure in the center, it also hurt the areas around my sit-bones. The stitching on either side of the cut-out felt "sharp", almost like the saddle shape came to a point along the ridge where the stitching runs.

I returned it after several rides that ended in pain. Koobi's customer support was very nice about the whole experience, and they took the saddle back without a hassle.

As far as quality of construction goes, it seemed fairly good to me--there were no obvious defects. I can't say anything about durability, though, as I only had it for two weeks.

For what its worth, I ended up with a Flite Gel. Very comfy, light, stylish.