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magnet on Mavic Ksyrium wheel/cyclocomputer(6 posts)

magnet on Mavic Ksyrium wheel/cyclocomputerrich
Mar 19, 2001 5:34 AM
Does anyone have a good solution to attach a magnet pickup un Mavic flat/bladed radial spokes for a cyclocumputer? I have a cateye if it matters. I read this suggestion but it sounded a little dubious, "I improvised by cutting apart a Cateye wheel magnet (removed the magnet from the plastic cover), and stuck it to the flat spoke with 3M double-sided foam tape and wrapped a ziptie around it for good measure. The magnet has stayed in place for over 4,000km."
Thank You for your comments.

cateye #166-5120...dave
Mar 19, 2001 1:52 PM
This model was made to mount near the hub,across two conventional spokes, but works fine, mounted anywhere along the bladed portion of a Ksyrium spoke.

Mavic also makes a special magnet for the Ksyrium.

Your LBS should be able to get either one.
re: magnet on Mavic Ksyrium wheel/cyclocomputerpmf
Mar 20, 2001 7:21 AM
The Sigma Sport magnet works fine right out of the box. Costs about $5 at a bike shop. Stick it on the spoke, push to break the rib in the middle and then slide the sleeve over it. No tape, glue, zipties or tinkering involved (why would anyone put a ziptie on an aero wheel?). Tt fits on very tightly -- won't ever fall off. Looks good too.
I use the Sigma, too, although I've had some problemsbill
Mar 20, 2001 8:06 AM
I'm not sure whether it's the magnet or whether it's something else, but I've had a problem with my Specialized P-Brain not registering for periods, and it seems to be related to the distance between the sensor and the magnet. I'm thinking maybe the Sigma is kind of a weak magnet. One set of wheels has the Sigma, one set has the Specialized magnet that came with the computer, and it seems that the Sigma magnet has to be a lot closer. Unless the sensor is REALLY close to the magnet -- like maybe one mm and certainly no more than two mm, which is closer than I've ever had to place a sensor before -- I seem to encounter a problem. It's obviously some combination of the sensor and the magnet, because the magnet worked fine with a Sigma, and maybe it'll work fine with your 'puter, but remember that you must move the sensor, because you can't move the magnet closer to the sensor. Rotating the big ol' P-Brain sensor on the fork to be closer to the magnet is unwieldy.
I use the Sigma, too, although I've had some problemspmf
Mar 20, 2001 9:10 AM
I use Sigma computers too, and like you, I have noticed that you have to move the sensor pretty close to the magnet. You can move a Sigma magnet on a wheel with round spokes. Can't on a Ksyrium with those bladed spokes. I'm not sure its easy to move any magnet attached to those bladed spokes, they're pretty wide.

I once glued (using tire cement) a piece of a magnet onto a Spinergy Rev-X spoke. That works pretty well. I think it came from a Vetta magnet. Kinda hard to glue it on a Ksyrium spoke due to the size though (not wide enough).

Is this the most asked question on the board or what? Why the hell doesn't Mavic include a magnet with these wheels?
Any suggestions for Avocet 30 or 40 users? (nm)zelig
Mar 20, 2001 11:12 AM