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Flight Deck repair(3 posts)

Flight Deck repairbianchi boy
Mar 18, 2001 5:23 PM
The pickup unit on my Flight Deck broke at the point where it connects to the fork. It's just the snugger tape (or whatever you call those things), but the unit isn't designed very well because the tape is connected to the pickup unit -- so the whole thing needs to be replaced. Does anyone know if these pickup units w/wire can be purchased anywhere? I am gonna try my luck getting Shimano to fix it under warranty but that might be a problem because the Flight Deck came on a used bike I bought, even though it's less than a year old. If Shimano won't fix under warranty or the part is too expensive, I will probably just remove the FD from my bike because I have another wireless computer I could put on it. I like all the functions available on the FD, however, and would like to keep using it if possible
Most bike shops will have them.Spoke Wrench
Mar 19, 2001 5:49 AM
Sensor and pick up harnesses cost about $40.00. Be sure to get the right one to match your lever hoods. Some have one button each lever, others have two buttons on the right lever. There is no difference in the levers themselves, only in the hoods.
$40!!!bianchi boy
Mar 19, 2001 7:04 PM
I could buy a whole new computer for that. I think this falls under the category of one of the Shimano vs Campy arguments you hear a lot -- that Campy stuff can be repaired but Shimano has to be replaced. It's totally ridiculous that they designed Flight Deck so that you have to replace the whole harness if the clincher strap breaks. This is the most vulnerable part and most likely to break, so why didn't they just design it so you could just replace the strap? I've got a Performance Axiom computer that cost a lot less than FD, but the straps are replaceable if they break -- and I will install that on my bike and remove the FD before I'll pay $40 for a new harness. Sorry for the rant...