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cateye OS1(2 posts)

cateye OS1rando
Mar 18, 2001 3:42 PM
Has anybody been using this, and if so what do you think. I'm thinking about buying it, but I want to know reactions of people who have been using it. I don't want to make a mistake like I did when I bought the cordless. It hated cold temps!!!
re: cateye OS1steveq
Mar 18, 2001 4:25 PM
I've had the os1 since january. The set-up is easy. Just roll through the on screen menu and you're ready to ride. The functions are basic and offer the usual stats. The computer itself is a little larger than most but it offers a customizable display. You can set the m.p.h. display to be super large with the distance display small. This way, i don't have to glance very long to see how slow i'm actually going. As far as the other functions, time will tell if i think it's all worth while, although the mileage graphs and charts are kind of cool. It even wished me a happy birthday last month. I'm glad i bought it and i'd like to think that i could refer to it a couple of years from now to compare distances for a particular month. But i know i'll just crash and bust it up like i do with all other computers i've had. hope this helps... steve q