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Any thoughts on Polar S510 HRM?(3 posts)

Any thoughts on Polar S510 HRM?SDH
Mar 17, 2001 9:31 PM
I am thinking of buying a downloadable HRM. The S510 and the PolarCoach seems to be the only ones that are both downloadable, and don't require additional (pricey) interface hardware. These interface directly through a computer's microphone via SonicLink technology. Anyone have any experience with either of these models?
re: Any thoughts on Polar S510 HRM?Ernie
Mar 18, 2001 6:11 PM
I have used the Polar Coach and full PC Coaching Software for about a year. The polar coach works well and the software makes it easy to program, which can be cumbersome without. This is a complex HRM with all the functions nearly any cyclist would ever need. The downloading feature works well, just hold it next to the mic. and it sends the info to the PC. It can be finikey occassionally, but normally works very well. Sometimes is takes two tries, but only 5-10 sec. to download most rides.

The full PC Coach software is good as well, it is a step by step setup that really makes it easy to train properly. I think the whole package is a great value for what you get. More than adequate for most amateur racers.
My Thoughtsgrz mnky
Mar 19, 2001 1:42 PM
I think that the S710 will be a better choice and offers lots of cycling functions as well as extensive data logging. The problem with the interface is solved with an inexpensive IR port, or if your PC already has one you don't need to buy it. Soon some one may make some software to go with a Palm Pilot for downloading and displaying. Ultimatley it depends upon what you want to do with it - the S510 is supposed to be a good unit, plus you're taking advantage of newer technology - as long as it works well.

I've got a S710 on order to replace my failed Accurex II. Hopefully it's more durable. Availablity is supposed to be in April sometime.