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DA sti vs. Ult(3 posts)

DA sti vs. Ult4bykn
Mar 17, 2001 11:22 AM
I'm nearing the decision on spec'ing a new bike and having read many luke-warm reviews on the Ultegra sti shifters, am now considering upgrading to the Dura-Ace shifters. Will this cause any compatibility problems? Any input will be appreciated.
re: DA sti vs. UltDrD
Mar 17, 2001 1:04 PM
Shimano 9spd is Shimano 9spd, as far as compatability is concerned - DA will work with Ultegra, 105, etc.

The DA levers are nice (I currently have the 7700C levers) - they have a shorter throw and seemed to shift more quickly to me than the Ultegra (6500's). The new (2001) ultegra (the 6510's with the revised cap) might be a different story (I haven't used them) The Ultegra levers were fine while I had them, though - didn't give me any trouble other than the rattle, which was readily fixed - I guess my advice would be if money is tight, get the Ultegra and spend the $50-60 elsewhere (perhaps augment the wheel budget, or maybe pick up an extra cassette) - if it's not, I'd go with the DA levers.
re: DA sti vs. UltAHobie17
Mar 20, 2001 12:34 PM
I've put DA shifters on a friend's bike with Ultegra front & rear derailer(9spd.) the shifters worked great. DA shifters are more precise than the Ult, plus easier to shift. The girl who had the bike had problems shifting the Ult shifters, She was kind of weak when it came to pushing the levers(who would of thought). No complaints with the DA STI's. She loved them. DA components are alot smoother and more precise (just a note you might appreciate)