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Pulley/cog rub with 13-29 Record Cassette....(3 posts)

Pulley/cog rub with 13-29 Record Cassette....Shylock
Mar 16, 2001 2:46 PM
Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Campy 13-29 cassette rubbing the pulley in the upper 3 cogs, and, if so, what did you do to remedy it. My LBS and I just finished building my new roadbike, only to find that even with the b-tension screw all the way in, there was still rubbing. We're planning on trying a shorter housing and one less link in the chain tomorrow morning ....Any thoughts? Is the derailleur defective? (I am using the required a long cage derailleur, by the way...And no, these mechanics are not idiots...:))

thanks for any suggestions....

Feel the gin
re: Pulley/cog rub with 13-29 Record Cassette....13-29
Mar 16, 2001 4:34 PM
I don't have a solution for your problem but am considering the same set up on my new bike. I wonder if this is common with the 13-29 cassette. Let us know what the solution is when you figure it out. Your answer may be of future importance to me.
re: Pulley/cog rub with 13-29 Record Cassette....Shylock
Mar 16, 2001 8:42 PM
I'm wondering if there is too much cable housing, and thus the derailleur is being pushed forward and upward into the cogs. (The b-tension spring has an extremely light action) I say this, as a friend of mine is running the 13-29 cassette on one of his many bikes, and has only reported good things. I've heard second hand info to the same effect. In other words, if it ain't something stupid like the cable housing being too long or too long a chain, we're either missing something or the derailleur is defective. Don't let my problem dissuade you from the product in general.