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Vetta 77 computer mount - faulty? Anyone...anyone(1 post)

Vetta 77 computer mount - faulty? Anyone...anyonemal
Mar 16, 2001 2:13 PM
I purchased the Vetta 77 for the excellent cadence feature. When I tried to move it ont eh bar it broke. The mount appears very spindlu\y. I wrote to Vetta and they kindly sent me a replacement (after a couple of months) but unfortunately they stuck it in a padded envelope via fed ex, instead of a steel container, and it was broken in the same spot when it arrived. My next message to them was unanswered but I thought they gave it the old college try - and what's $10? Not one to quit, I bought a replacement and today I noticed it was lose again and discovered the new one was broken. Has anyone else experienced this weak as peace problem with the Vetta mount? Thanks. For the sceptics, I have changed many computers and have had no problems before.