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Go with an chrisking headset or canecreek for roadbike?(7 posts)

Go with an chrisking headset or canecreek for roadbike?Mikey
Mar 16, 2001 12:11 PM
What do you guys recommend, does it really matter if the bike is not really ridden in the dirt if the seals are not as great on a cheaper headset like the Canecreek C2? Is the extra 80$ worth it? thanks
re: Go with an chrisking headset or canecreek for roadbike?grz mnky
Mar 16, 2001 12:27 PM
Having recently messed around with a couple of Cane Creeks and Chris Kings I'm here to say that while the Cane is functional it's not as smooth or as bomber as the King unit. I find that the Cane units are a bit rough and can bind through their range of motion. This is on both road and MTBs - some brand new and others with a bunch of miles on them.

Is it worth it? Hard to say that's up to you and your priorities - not much point in putting "Porshce bearings" in the bicycle equivalent of a "VW Thing". However, if you have a Porsche running VW bearings.....

One nice feature is that the King unit can be converted between threaded and threadless with a $35 kit. Plus it's warrantied for 10 years. There aren't many things in the bike world that are considered the best by virtually everyone: the King headset is one of them. I had a certain amount of reluctance in spending this much money for a headset, but now I appreciate the difference.
Porsche vs. VWBrian B.
Mar 16, 2001 7:17 PM
Hey, Grz, unless things have really, really changed, I'll betcha the folks who make bearings and other little bits for VW also make 'em for Porsche... and definately Audi, and probably BMW and Merc...

Almost all the small parts (and lots of big ones, like glass) are sourced out to companies who provide to all the German marques. Bosch is the prime example.

-Brian B.
Porsche vs. VWgrz mnky
Mar 19, 2001 1:35 PM
You're right - I was using these makes for asthetic reasons. I suppose a Kia and Porshce might be better. The point being that the Porsche is a whole quantum leap of perfromance from a VW (I've owned too many of the later and not enough of the former) which is primarily made as in relatively inexpensive consumer item. You wouldn't expect a VW bearing race to work in a Porsche or stand up to the loads - even though it may be a quality product for it's price. The same may be true for all of the various headset designs. In fact almost all bearings are made with a tremendous degree of percision and accuracy and by a small population of manufacturers. Acutal ball bearings out of a kids BMX bike are a pretty percise componenet. The real difference will be that the race from Cane Creek will be designed for ease of manufacturability and price whereas the King unit is made for performance and durability, period.
Yes, Porsche does get to choose from VWs parts selection but ...Jimbob
Mar 19, 2001 1:48 PM
parts like bearings are not going to be the same on a Porsche as they are on a VW. VWs are very low quality. They spend all there money on advertising campaigns, spiffy dealer showrooms, and spiffy interiors (ie purple/red dash lights). Otherwise these vehicles are pretty much just falling apart as we speak. They look nice, drive decent, feel good, but are the CHAMPIONS of CHINSE. Made in Mexico. Sorry Trek. Just sold my wives Jetta. I feel so much better to have that leaky, breaky, thing out of the driveway. Everything is backwards mechanically. She brought it into the marriage. She loves VW and would buy another. She would buy a car purley on looks. Like most women would. I never would have let her buy it. Not with me having to drop off the car and have someone pick me up from the mechanics place on a regular basis. Sorry, I am a little bitter towards the brand and it feels great to vent!!
Now on to the issue at hand. I too thought my headset was notJimbob
Mar 19, 2001 1:51 PM
a good place to spend money. I switched to a Chris King about 3 years ago and love it. It truly is a "buy it and forget about it" part. SOme other headsets are good Im sure but its not a for sure thing. I know my CK is perfect whether on my road bike or MTB.
re: Go with an chrisking headset or canecreek for roadbike?Jamie Harris
Mar 16, 2001 5:19 PM
I am not going to argue that KIng is not the best- that is obvious. I have a king hub on my mtb bike, so I like the gear. But, come on now- a Cane creek is only $30 at Supergo!!! That is like free!!

Buy, it- ride it, break it- who cares! Or, polish your king and cry if it gets scratched. Maybe someday I will splurge, but for now- I choose the other way of thinking. But, I may argue that they all use cartridge bearings and that I doubt there is a quality difference. I am sure they are abec 5 or something. But, even if they were better, does it matter? When I can ride and spin my bars at 20,000 rpm's for an extended amount of time, I will worry about it. But, I do not plan on acieving that anytime soon. Spend the cash on wheels and drivetrain. Unless you have an unlimited budget.