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ATTNT. Weight Fellows: Speed Dream Wheels vs. Vector Pro ..(1 post)

ATTNT. Weight Fellows: Speed Dream Wheels vs. Vector Pro ..SH
Mar 16, 2001 6:07 AM
I received yesterday my Aerolight wheels from Dave Thomas (Speed Dream Wheels) and am amazed how light and good build quality they are. I haven't had a chance to ride them yet but based on my 20 years of road bike riding and racing I believe those wheels will be a winner not only on the flats but also for seriuous hill climbing (e.g. Swiss and Italian alps ...). I currently have a Trek 5500 with Vector Pro wheels and I weighed them both, the Vector Pros and the Aerolights. The weights are for wheels with rim tape, no cassette, no tubes, no tires, no quick releases (weights are in gram)
Aerolight / Vector Pro / Variance
Front wheel 608 / 786 / 178
Rear wheel 821 / 1,011 / 190
Total 1,429 / 1,797 / 368

The Rolf wheels use Huegi hubs which are pretty light and durable and the Speed Dream Wheels are built around Americian Classic hubs. In my case they are silver and I estimate the AC hubs are approx. 70 grams lighter than the Huegi hubs (50 grams front and 20 grams rear versus Huegi). So, the most weight savings for the Speed Dream Wheels must come from reduced rim and spoke weight where it counts most. A wheel set saving of 368 grams or 0.8 lb. ... now we're talking business ...

There are even lighter wheelsets out there than the Aerolights (e.g. Zipp carbon tubular, American Classic carbon tubular, etc.) but for me I wanted clincher style rims and especially spokes I can work on myself just in case it is needed. Don't get me wrong the Vector Pros are a very nice and durable wheelset, too and I will keep both of them.

Have fun - Steve