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Chris King hubs vs Dura Ace-worth it?(8 posts)

Chris King hubs vs Dura Ace-worth it?RC
Mar 15, 2001 7:43 PM
Are King hubs worth the difference in price over Dura Ace? I am having a set of wheels built with Open Pro rims and with D/A hubs they are $150 cheaper. Are King's that much better? What do you think? Any experience either way? Thanks for any input.
Go with Dura AcePeter Rhodes
Mar 16, 2001 4:42 AM
I'd go with the Dura Ace. You're getting something that has part readily available at almost any bike shop in the world. With King you're paying for a few ounces, and honestly since it is at the center of the wheel, you're not going to notice a tremendous difference in the rotation weight.
I will admit I am one of the biased people that believes you should go with all shimano or campy, I'm not big on mixing after market parts. After 11 years of riding and trying just about everything out there once, I have found that it is best to stay with the big names when it comes to drivetrain (derailluers,BB,cranks,cogs,etc)(i.e. shimano or campy). They will always be around, the prices are acceptable. Use the $150 you're going to save for something else. I personally think that they aftermarket is usually not worth it most of the time.
My humble opinion
Clickety clickety clickety ... I've got CK hubs!pmf
Mar 16, 2001 5:25 AM
The noise will drive you crazy.

I agree with Peter that these things are way expensive just to save a little weight in the center of your wheel. Grams per dollar is pretty low. DA hubs are pretty nice too.

I also agree with the after market comment. I've tried aftermarket chains, pulleys, cassettes, rings, brake pads, ... and almost always been disappointed (I use Shimano). Any more, I just get the genuine Shimano replacement part if its drive train or brake related.
re: Chris King hubs vs Dura Ace-worth it?Jamie Harris
Mar 16, 2001 5:30 PM
KIng's are sweet, but I never look more than glance. Too much coin. Dura-ace is flawless. But, I went through the same dilemna and I got some Mavic wheels. The Cosmos are nice for the money, and the Helium's are cheap right now. Just a thought. If you are interested in Mavic's, email me. I got a set of Cosmos shipped for $199 brand new. That is real cheap. Now, I was in a situation where dura-ace was $100 more. HMMMMMM.

I love my Kings, but...Red Dog #1
Mar 17, 2001 12:31 PM
I can't honestly say there's any performance advantage for roadriding other then a little better freehub engagment when I start pedaling very easy maintance. That said if you have the extra money and want to own a first rate piece of craftsmanship, they're the way to go. BTW I love that "Buzz" sound!
Go with the Kings - they rockSlow Ned
Mar 17, 2001 8:34 PM
The Kings offer a better design - a ring-drive mechanism (rather than pawls) for better, quicker power transfer. They are smooth, light, and durable (and come with a 5 year warranty). They are easily adjusted and serviced. Sounds to be like a recipe for the best hub in the business.

It's always amazing that folks get hung up on the noise they make. After a few rides, you (and your friends) won't even notice it. The alleged drawback of the noise is very trivial: how many bikes have you bought because of the way they sounded when you rode them?

The hubs do make a difference, along with the rim, spokes, and how the wheel was built. In my opinion, they are equally important.

In addition, I don't buy the "aftermarket manufacturers may not be around tomorrow" argument in this case. Chris King has been doing it right for 25 years. This company makes the best headsets and hubs around. Don't be kidded.

Although the hubs are more pricey, they are American made - you cash is not being funnelled overseas (as it is when buying from the Big 2).

I have owned and ridden many awesome hubs and wheels, but the Kings rank up there with the best I have ridden (along with Phil Wood hubs).

Dura Ace is not necessarily a bad choice, but just kind of "blah" and not very "sexy". In addition, I think in either case, you are getting what you pay for - you pay less for Dura Ace, but you get a lesser product.
Go with the Kings - they rockmm
Mar 17, 2001 9:44 PM
Sorry Slow Ned, I disagree. My friend has a set of Kings and although they are nice in terms of design and weight, the noise is so annoying that I hate to follow him. I also had a pair of older Hugi hubs on a mountain bike that were even worse than the Kings and I had to quit riding them. The loud clicking drove me crazy. I personally love quiet hubs, but if you can stand the noise, the Kings are great!
re: Chris King hubs vs Dura Ace-worth it?yue98
Mar 20, 2001 3:02 PM
I got King Headset they the material is amazing aerospace quality all the way and the tight tolerance that can't be beat.