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A question on price(4 posts)

A question on priceJe
Mar 15, 2001 2:54 PM
I want to sell my Kestrel 200 SCI frame('97 used, in good shape, brand new Spinergy Spox 99' wheels, New Chris King headset, new cinelli integralter stem/bar, and new easton ec-50 carbon fork. I was wondering what you guys would suggest as a good price to sell all of this together at.

My Rule of Thumbgrz mnky
Mar 15, 2001 3:27 PM
I'd total up all of the money that you have into it and take one half. That said, this is only a bench mark and there is considerable variation for something in very good/bad shape, exotic or desireable, plus your area and what people think is "hot."

Take a look at the online classifieds here and on (assuming they aren't one in the same) and see what the asking price for stuff is. Don't focus on the high or low prices, but more on something in the middle. Given that it's unlikely that you'll find a bike with the exact configuration and use/non-use it is only a rough estimate. Walk into a Kestrel dealer and see what a new similarly equiped bike is going for. Ultimately the best info is what things have actually sold for, not the asking price.

I faced a simlar problem when I sold my OCLV with many upgrades - I ended up giving a friend a pretty good deal b/c I wanted to move the bike and do them a favor. You could hold back some of the more exotic components and sell them seperately or use them for another ride.
EBay-overpayDave Hickey
Mar 16, 2001 5:23 AM
I'd check the prices on Ebay for a similar bike. If I want to sell anything, I check ebay to see what people are paying. One word of caution... people tend to overpay for goods. Its a great site to sell, but not to buy. I buy most of my parts from this boards classifieds.
let the market decide?Dog
Mar 16, 2001 5:24 AM
You can list it on ebay, with a reserve (secret figure you won't sell below) price you're comfortable with, and auction away. The market will decide the price, in a way.