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Carnac Quartz Shoes(2 posts)

Carnac Quartz ShoesWild Bill
Mar 15, 2001 10:34 AM
Tell me all about this product! Is it wourth the money? Does it last, and is it a good road shoe. Is it the right shoe for speedplay.
re: Carnac Quartz Shoesdarragh
Mar 15, 2001 7:59 PM
I have had them for 2 months. I love them. Granted I was wearing a shoe that was 5 years old, so I may not be the most objective person. But, they have a lot of padding on the heel and are thin at the ball of the foot (which is what you want). The four straps allow you to tighten the shoes as you want. Very comfortable. I was amazed how different they felt, but that is to be expected considering how old my other shoes were.

I ride Look pedals so I can't help you on the speedplay.

If you care about the extra $50 dollars, then, no they are not that much better than the top of the line Sidi,Shimano, Vittoria etc. However, If you don't care, then I suggest you grab a hold of the others and play with then in your hands. I think you will notice a differnce in craftsmanship, that I thought was worth the extra money.