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Selle Italia SLR saddle - anyone riding one?(10 posts)

Selle Italia SLR saddle - anyone riding one?Flyweight
Mar 15, 2001 9:38 AM
Is anyone out there riding the Selle Italia saddle (either version)? Would be interested in hearing how comfortable (or not) it is. I currently ride Cinelli plastic saddles on all my bikes and like the idea of an unpadded plastic shell that is made comfortable through the shell flexing rather than through padding.

I'd like to know what experience you've had with the SLR and what saddle you were riding previously.
Mar 15, 2001 9:57 AM
I've ridden the padded SLR for a little over 500 miles now. Been riding Flite saddles since the early 90s.

Compared to the Flite the SLR is flatter - it does not have a "scooped" middle section like the flight. It is also a bit narrower and shorter in the rear while the nose seems a bit wider because it is not as rounded. It is astonishingly lighter than a Flite.

I find the saddle to be really comfortable. My longest ride on it has been 4 hours with some sustained seated climbing. Initially I missed the raised rear of the Flite but since then have completely adjusted to the SLR. If you are very comfortable on a Flite you will most likely have no problems with the SLR.

Aesthetically it takes some getting used to as it completely exposes your seatpost.
Did a century on oneDog
Mar 15, 2001 10:15 AM
Just did the Solvang Century on my padded SLR. Despite it weighing only 138 grams (my Flight Ti was around 240), it is actually more comfortable to me, and felt wonderful the entire 100 miles. I like it.

Anatomies and riding style vary a lot, though. I tend to like minimalist things, and I think my rear end has built up quite a tolerance to sitting on a bike seat. Plus, I tend to stand a lot, sometimes all the way up mile long hills, and frequently even on flatter areas. You might want to take that into consideration.

Did a century on oneFlyweight
Mar 15, 2001 11:05 AM

Do you have the dimensions of the SLR? (mainly the width) My problem with the Flite is that it was too narrow across the back and too "sling-like" when viewed from the side. My Cinelli is flat when viewed from the side (like the SLR) but measures a pretty wide 150mm at its widest point.
re: Selle Italia SLR saddle - anyone riding one?Wild Bill
Mar 15, 2001 10:42 AM
I have never road with the SLR, butt...........logic and common sence should tell you that this saddle is everything BUTT comfortable!!!If you have a Brooks saddle and tighten it up it would still be better as it will conform to your body. SLR doughtfull
re: Selle Italia SLR saddle - anyone riding one?Flyweight
Mar 15, 2001 11:01 AM
Common sense is often misleading! My Cinelli saddle is nothing more than a piece of plastic attached to two steel rails. No padding whatsoever and yet it's incredibly comfortable because the shell can flex up to a 1/4"! Vastly more comfortable than the Avocet O2 and Flite I tried out.
I rode it; it's fineDog
Mar 15, 2001 11:58 AM
There's no fool like an old fool --- you can't beat experience.
Jacob Braude

Logic got nothing to do with it. I was skeptical, but it really is comfortable.

Looks can be deceivingKerry Irons
Mar 15, 2001 4:00 PM
I'm with Flyweight. I rode those Cinelli UnicaNitor and Idealle' 2000 all nylon (no padding) saddles for years and had no discomfort problems at all. Saddles are pretty personal things, but for sure you cannot tell how one will feel by looking at it. Huge super soft marshmallow butt saddles? Yeah, you can make an educated guess. Racing and touring saddles - no way!
re: Selle Italia SLR saddle - anyone riding one?Skip
Mar 15, 2001 7:19 PM
Has anyone ridden both the padded and unpadded SLR's (SLR Padded
[135 g] vs SLR Evolution Carbon[125 g])? Comparisons? Can you even feel the 10 g closed cell pad? Thanks.

re: Selle Italia SLR saddle - anyone riding one?slbenz
Mar 16, 2001 8:58 AM
I've owned mine for approximately two months. I just completed last weekend my very first group ride (17 people) covering 47 miles in three hours. Very comfortable seat. I would say 95% of the time while I ride I am seated. My previous saddle was a Selle Italia Flite Gel. Weighed 262 grams. The SLR came in at 140 grams. It took two rides for me to be comfortable on the SLR. After that, not a complaint since. It is slightly styled differently than my previous saddle but the 122 gram weight savings was welcomed. Before the Flite Gel, I owned a Ti Flite saddle which lasted over seven years from constant use.