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Source for carbon headset spacers?(12 posts)

Source for carbon headset spacers?Dog
Mar 15, 2001 6:43 AM
Dede Elementi makes a carbon headset spacer, but I can't locate a retailer who can get one. Any ideas?


Don't make me call Sinclair...TJeanloz
Mar 15, 2001 6:52 AM
I'm pretty sure I can get one out of Sinclair imports. If you're not emotionally attached to having the Deda logo on the spacer, I can drop a plain one in the mail to you, what do you need, 10cm x 1"? E-mail me if you want one. catalog has em..
Mar 15, 2001 6:57 AM
Woopsie,wrong brand,...nm...Sorry!
Mar 15, 2001 7:02 AM
Profile carbon spacersBipedZed
Mar 15, 2001 6:59 AM
Available at Colorado Cyclist in 1 or 1 1/8" in 1,2,3,4,10,20mm. $3.99 each.

There site is currently down. It's in their catalog.
thanks, allDog
Mar 15, 2001 7:01 AM
I'll try Colorado. If I can't get one, I'll bug you again. :-)


re: Source for carbon headset spacers?Turtleherder
Mar 15, 2001 7:52 AM
I posted a reply awhile ago but it seems to have disappeared. Agree with trying Sinclair Imports. The spacers at Colorado Cyclist are from Profile. Might want to e-mail, they sell alot of Deda products.
Sinclair... what BSzitz (an LBS guy)
Mar 15, 2001 3:40 PM
The new importer of DeRosa. If you want one you'd better cross your fingers on fit, they seem to carry/list only about half the available sizes in all frames. Also, you gotta buy a complete bike and you get no choice of color! Let's all watch the decline of a great marque.

BTW- Doug Slaon, you wrote awhile back that DeRosa measures frame size as top of BB shell to either center or top of seat tube- this is dead wrong. That may be what is shown in the diagram, but the site clearly says "centro/centro", i.e., center to center.
re: Source for carbon headset spacers?DWI
Mar 15, 2001 5:57 PM
Doug, I have several feet of 1" i.d. and 1 1/8" i.d. carbon tubing that I use for my headset spacers.They are used for custom made kayak paddles and are super strong.They are made using a mantel,so the i.d. is perfect and true to fit the 1" or 1 1/8" steerer tubes.If you can deal with the cutting,you can customize your spacer to whatever size you choose.I will send you a piece 6" or so long if interested.
Mar 16, 2001 5:27 AM
I ordered a few from Colorado Cyclist. If they don't work the way I want, I'll contact you. That's generous of you to offer.

BTW, what's a 'mantle'? Thanks.

Mar 16, 2001 2:27 PM
I believe a mantle, in this context, is an arbor or spindle that acts as a male mold that the"tube" is wound around or the layup is manufactured around.

Mar 16, 2001 2:27 PM
That would be a case of my mind working faster than my fingers.The tubes are formed over steel "mandrels" not mantles.I would have emailed you direct, but your "email me" feature disappeared when I logged in.I have plenty available so feel free to ask.