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Handlebar fatigue(2 posts)

Handlebar fatigueScy
Mar 14, 2001 7:36 PM
A couple of years back I bought a Scott LF 235 gram (claimed) handlebar. I understand that such light bars are suppossed to be replaced periodically. But is this the still the case if I ride only recreationally?

Is failure really a problem? Has anyone heard of a handlebar failing outside of a crash or heavy racing? I don't recall the manufacturer recommending periodic replacement; you would think that they have warning tags if failure were an issue.

So far I have 3,000 miles on it (1,000 in the last 3 months and 2,000 from the two years before) and it seems fine. When should I replace it?
re: Handlebar fatigueTJeanloz
Mar 15, 2001 9:20 AM
Do handlebars ever break, just riding along? yes. I've seen the results, and it's not pretty. After only three thousand miles, I'd be inclined to say that your bars are probably o.k. I'd get concerned about replacing after >10,000 miles. In terms of recreational vs. racing, I don't think it matters. I know 'recreational' riders who are much harder on their equipment than some pro racers.