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best cables and housing(3 posts)

best cables and housingdash
Mar 13, 2001 10:24 AM
what is the best (most durable and light weight) brake and derailleur cable/housing set? there are so many hi-tech cables around (teflon, carbon, etc) - are they really better than say shimano dura-ace/sis ?

has anyone tried transfil flying snake cables (carbon/kevlar) or gore ride-on (teflon)?

thanks for your comments-
Ride-Ons are fine, but ...Cory
Mar 13, 2001 1:03 PM
Only ones I've used that you mentioned are Ride-Ons. They cured some minor shifting problems with my mountain bike (it's got old Suntour Microdrive stuff, and I thought I'd try a relatively cheap fix first). On my road bike (Ultegra), I couldn't tell any difference between that and conventional cables in good condition, but it's always shifted well.
Ride On cablesGary
Mar 13, 2001 6:35 PM
I've had an experience with these cables. I put them onto my road bike and did not like the experience at all. At first they seemed to work reasonably well, although not much better than the ones I took off. But as time wore on (less than 3 months) they seem to become sticky (cables would stick in the housing at times). And when riding in the cold (not that cold in Texas but about 35 to 40 degrees) they really stuck! Bad enough that I couldn't shift at some points. The cold seemed to worsen the problem, as they would somewhat loosen up as the day wore on and the temperature rose.

After speaking with some other bikers. I learned that mountain bikers complained about them because they felt that once dirt and grime got into the cable housing, it was near impossible to get out due to the teflon coating trapping everything inside (particles sticking to the teflon I guess). Some bike mechanics said that they had thought that the pieces that fit onto the cable ends (I dont' know the term...perhaps barrel ends?) were not of a compatible design and "chewed" the teflon surface of the cables causing some of the teflon to flake off and then become a little mess that constricted the cable's smooth travel.

So, in summary it seemed that the teflon cables WITH their housing didn't work very well. Similar problems were seen with similar cable sets too like Jaguar.

But I've heard some reasonably good things about using the teflon cables with the standard housing. Although most seemed to say that they did not notice a significant improvement to justify replacing perfectly good working cables.