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Schwinn Paramount Steel?(3 posts)

Schwinn Paramount Steel?je123
Mar 13, 2001 4:45 AM
Anybody have one or know somebody with one? Any info on these would be appreciated?
re: Schwinn Paramount Steel?fuzzybunnies
Mar 13, 2001 7:31 PM
Up until this year schwinn had been producing steel paramounts in 853 steel and they're fairly light. If you have a schwinn store near you they can order the frame for you in usually red or blue. Apparently schwinn overproduced the frame last year and they still have a buch left in most sizes, and should get a fairly decent price. I've ridden one once for a short distance and it handled nicely. A note of caution on them is that the paint is a little more fragile than on most other bikes. TTFN
re: Schwinn Paramount Steel?Nate
Mar 13, 2001 7:45 PM
I had a Schwinn Paramount Columbus SLX (waterford built) with full Campy Chorus for almost 10 years, and recently sold it to jump into the new world of road bikes and space age materials. Bottom line - I probably should have kept the beaut'...for racing of all types, I'm not sure I can speak of a better ride. Smooth yet responsive, you can feel the road, and the geometry (for certain body types, namely "mine") is ultra comfortable for the long century hammer-rides. I'm thinking of picking up a new Waterford to replace it...I miss it bad already and it's only been a month!

I'm not sure what the Schwinn factory's manufacturing has become, but I know Waterford (who built the bikes for Schwinn in the old days) puts great care and detail into their frames...based upon my previous experience, I'd pick up a Waterford-built frame with the same geometry to get the same ride.

Good luck!