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Shimano RSX or Tiagra shifters, same thing??(3 posts)

Shimano RSX or Tiagra shifters, same thing??Harry S.
Mar 11, 2001 4:50 PM
I am thinking of buying a new Cannondale R400. It comes with Shimano Sora shifters which I know I do not want. My bike shop can upgrade to RSX. Are they the same, better or worse than shimano Tiagra? How about price. I know that RSX are about $55 more than the Sora that comes with the bike.
re: Shimano RSX or Tiagra shifters, same thing??Wessley
Mar 11, 2001 5:59 PM
Sora is current 8 speed low end shifter. RSX was prior low end STI 8 and 7 speed shifter. Tiagra is low end 9 speed STI shifter.Make sure the RSX front shifter is double or triple capable depending on what your chainrings are. The 8 speed RSX were available either way with different part #.They are probably charging some $$ to do the switch,as labor isn't free.
re: Shimano RSX or Tiagra shifters, same thing??fuzzybunnies
Mar 11, 2001 6:19 PM
The sora group was designed to replace rsx and failed miserably in the process. The price should probably be a little closer than that though the shop may have given you a lower price on the sora since getting rid of used, even if off a new bike, is a little more difficult. There shouldn't be a charge for the change other than the price difference and new handle bar tape. TTFN