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Ritchey road logic pedals(5 posts)

Ritchey road logic pedalsJohnG
Mar 9, 2001 6:02 PM
OK, I just got my ultra light ritchey pedals..... they look WAY NICE .... but they "don't work". I.e. The "claws" are rotating too far forward and consequently the ramp on the cleat is not contacting the front face of the claws. The bottom line is the pedals don't work! I'm very frustrated as my Ritchey MTB pedals work fantastic and I really want to use these roads beasts. Oh, this is NOT an adjustment problem! BTW, I've got two other pairs of Ritchey MTB pedals and neither of them have this problem with the rear claw rotating forward. It almost looks like there is a design flaw in the pedals.

Anyone else have this pedal???? Any hints..... I figure I could butch up an additional "stop" so that the claws stop where they are supossed to. I'm reluctant to do this as I'd be going down a slippery slope.

re: Ritchey road logic pedalsErik W
Mar 9, 2001 8:34 PM
Is it possible they were manufactured/assembled wrong? Did you mail order them? Maybe you could go to a LBS that stocks those and take a look at them to compare. I don't think it would be a design flaw or they'd never sell any and those pedals would have a well known bad reputation. I'm curious about what you wind up figuring out as I am looking into buying the same pedals.
re: Ritchey road logic pedalsJohnG
Mar 9, 2001 10:56 PM
I emailed Ritchey on Friday morning but haven't heard back from them yet. I know they can be "fixed" but I would have to glue a tiny plate to the inside of the claw so that they don't rotate as far forward. I'm not sure if it is a design flaw or just poor fabrication. One of the pedals sort of works so that would imply that it might be a tolorancing issue. It's a REAL shame as the fundamental design is Awesome.

I haven't decided what to do if Ritchey doesn't respond within the next couple of bus days. Like I said .... I know what's wrong.... I'm just hoping that Ritchey fesses-up to the problem and has a ready solution.

Got 2 sets of these pedals, and...TNC
Mar 10, 2001 7:55 AM
my riding buddies have about a half dozen others on their bikes. You've either got a bad set or a misdiagnosed cleat/adjustment problem. These are simple, minimalistic pedals that require no special set-up. I agree with another poster's advice of checking yours against a new pair in a shop or on another rider's bike. The only potential issue with these pedals is that you should use stiff soled road shoes since the platform is relatively small--but who uses spongy soled road shoes anyway.
Sort of fixed....JohnG
Mar 11, 2001 7:48 AM
I made tiny expoxy bumpers for the claws.... so that they don't rotate too far forward. Works OK .... I mean at least the pedals work now. However, this is not the "right" solution. I'll wait for Ritchey to respond and see if they will replace the pedals. This will be a good test of their customer service.

Again, a potentially excelent product....