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U.S.E. Carbon Alien Seatpost(9 posts)

U.S.E. Carbon Alien SeatpostTJeanloz
Mar 8, 2001 9:13 AM
It's not often that I see a product that I must have. It's even more rare that such a product catches me by surprise- I usually see things at Interbike and have to wait six months for them. But I got one of these U.S.E. Carbon Alien seatposts on a whim, and wow. So it weighs 127g (actual, quoted at 131g- have to respect a company that comes in underweight). For reference, previous really light posts weighed in the ~185g range; some really light ones were ~160g. The clamping mechanism is ingenious- there is no load on the bolts, and it all sort of press fits together. The only drawback? I called USE to order five more for the shop, and they have a little backorder problem- they're like 2 weeks out. There are worse problems to have.

Anyway, coolest product I've seen come through the line since the Easton EC90 handlebar.

re: U.S.E. Carbon Alien SeatpostDog
Mar 8, 2001 10:29 AM
Speaking of which, are you aware of anyone stocking the Easton bars?


re: U.S.E. Carbon Alien SeatpostTJeanloz
Mar 8, 2001 11:08 AM
Besides me? I don't know. Actually the deal with Easton bars is that a ridiculously small number were released in December- I think the number was 25. For some reason, completely unknown to me or my rep, we ended up with 4 of those 25 pairs; they sold instantaneously, so I don't have any at the moment. In later winter, another ~75 were shipped out, I got none. Rumor is that another 100 or so will be out on Monday, and availability should be 'good' by June; but I wouldn't count on it.
got some Easton barsDog
Mar 12, 2001 12:43 PM
Someone emailed me that they had a new set, and sold them to me. Got them today. They feel light, can't wait to get them home and put them on the scale. Sort of an odd shape, though. Not sure the drops nor the outer tops look that comfortable. We'll see.

In any event, they look cool. Other than cranks, I think I'll about be maxed out on carbon now -- Ergo 10, Zipp 303 tubulars, C-40 with it's seatpost and Star carbon fork, carbon shell Selle Italia SRP saddle... Hmm, how about those ADA wheels?

My LBS has them both in stock...Tsunami
Mar 9, 2001 9:26 AM
I quess my first message did not post, anyways...

The name of the shop is Sun Bike Shop in Milpitas, CA. There phone number is 408-262-4360. I am sure they will ship, they even packed and shipped some wheels for me that I sold over the Internet.

I was there on Monday and they had 3 EC-90 handlebars left and 3 U.S.E. carbon Alien Seatpost, TJeanloz is right when he said that the carbon post is light... the one I was looking at weighed 130 grams! I did not get it cause I just bought the carbon campy post and did not want to shell out anymore money.... dam wish it would of came out earlier.

As for the EC-90 they are really nice bars. Mike the manager at Sun even told me that I was one of the first one to get it back in early January. I know TJeanloz is reputable, but I seriously doubt that only 25 were shipped in December becuase my LBS got 1, and TJeanloz got 4, and I know there are a lot of bike shops out there.

Even if your bike had nothing else execept the EC-90 and the Alien seatpost, it would be a dam fine bike!

Mike Le
Milpitas, Ca
re: EC-90MacGuyver
Mar 10, 2001 5:23 AM
Saw an EC-90 in the classifieds(components), yesterday. It's most likely gone at 130.00.

Just a couple of notes: Some of the early EC-90's were pulled from the mold to fast and expanded. Mine measured as large as 26.5 at the stem interface and was slightly out of round. It had to be returned. You cannot use this bar with a "standard" single bolt stem unless it's steel or Ti and can be expanded a lot! You can't get the stem on without distroying the handlebar. The EC-90 has tight bends and the diameter of the bar does not reduce in the bends like aluminum bars.

Easton has found that there is alot more hand finishing required than they had antisipated. This is slowing production. Other than that stuff it looks to be a great product.
I think I got that oneDog
Mar 13, 2001 7:08 AM
Paid $130. Looks ok; put it on last night.

Actual weight is 187 grams!

Very stiff.

Not sure I like the bends, and there are no channels for the cable housing.

I have a question...TJeanloz
Mar 15, 2001 7:06 AM
What idiot shop owner/employee sells a $160 bar for $130 to, what I understand is not a regular customer. I have a WAITING list of people who will pay $160, just as soon as I can get my hands on some. Which, thankfully should be today. Sometimes this industry just does not understand the laws of supply and demand.
Mar 15, 2001 7:09 AM
Maybe I shoulda kept my mouth shut. :-)