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Mountain or Road Parts(3 posts)

Mountain or Road PartsKevin W.
Mar 8, 2001 4:46 AM
I have just ordered up a cross frame and want to know what parts are going to work best for cyclecross. I was originally thinking Chorus but it seems that a lot of people are running mountain parts on their cross bikes. Will the Chorus hold up for off road use? or should I go with XTR stuff? This bike will also be my commuting bike. Thanks for the input.

re: Mountain or Road PartsPeter
Mar 8, 2001 8:10 AM
I have a Redline Conquest Pro built up with a mix of Chorus and 105 drivetrain. I have Chorus ergo,rear der,chain,cassette,wheels, while the front der,crank & BB are all 105. You will find that you cannot fit a 48 tooth chainring on a campy cranks because of the spacing on the spider. That is why I went with Shimano there. Unless you are some sort of super human you are not going to want to race Cross with anything bigger then a 50 tooth big ring (and even that is pretty damn big. 48 is the norm) The Chorus will hold up to cross racing quite well. Mine has had no problems. It on its third year of riding (1st cross season though) and made it through this cross season just fine. If you go 10 speed you can get a 12-25 campy cassette otherwise your only option for appropriate cross racing is the 13-26 (unless you use the long cage der then you could take the 29 tooth rear). There really is no need to go with a mtn drivetrain. I'm using XTR canti's that I searched for and found. Everything else is straight off a road bike.
The key to keeping your compoenets in good condition is taking care of them. You may want to consider Daytona over Chorus to save some cash. Other then that, Campagnolo will work fine.
I don't understand the 48T comment...JC1x1
Mar 8, 2001 12:31 PM
I ran 48/39 for quite some time on Campy cranks (99 Veloce). Currently run a 44T as the only ring.

QBP (order from any bike shop) makes the 48T btw as well as a 50. Cannot go smaller than 39T on Campy double, however due to the 135mm bolt diameter.