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Vector Pro, Ksyrium or Velomax(29 posts)

Vector Pro, Ksyrium or VelomaxDean
Mar 7, 2001 6:16 AM
Can anyone compare Vector Pro to Ksyriums to Velomax Orion, Ascent or Circuit. Considering a new wheelset and have narrowed it down to these. Can get Rolf and Velomax at LBS that is a dealer but would have to order the Ksyriums. Are Ksyriums worth the extra money? Are the Rolfs to delicate to train on? Take into consideration I am a heavier rider at 225. Any suggestions appreciated.
re: Vector Pro, Ksyrium or VelomaxNathan
Mar 7, 2001 6:58 AM
Not sure if the Vector Pros are current. I heard about some reengineering that was necessary due to some complications with the low (16ish on the front?) spoke count.

All the new top end bikes with Rolf wheels use the Sestriere, which actually have higher spoke count. FYI, The Vector Comps have a higher spoke count, like 20/24.

I would go with the Mavic Ks, personally.
Mar 7, 2001 7:14 AM
The wheels you mentioned are all lightweight wheelsets designed for riders under 180lbs. While many riders over 180lb can successfully use these wheels, they will have more problems. I have personal experience with the Ksyriums and Ascent Comps, and IMO the Ksyriums are the strongest of all the wheels you mention. FYI, I'm 155lbs.
Check out velomax.comJeff
Mar 7, 2001 11:32 AM
The Velomax Orion is designed for the heavier rider. I've read many accounts of 200+ lb riders abusing these with no problems. I suggest you visit their webstite or call and talk to them.

re: Vector Procraig
Mar 7, 2001 1:58 PM
Don't know about the other wheels but the Rolf's are definitely not for a bigger rider. They are great for racing but not for everyday use. The Sestrieres are not any better, I know riders a lot lighter than 225 who have broken spokes on them, and when a spoke breaks the wheel immediately comes out of true. My suggestion is go with some 32 spoke Open Pro rims with some good hubs.
re: Vector ProRimfire
Mar 7, 2001 5:47 PM
Immediately out of true? So your 32 hole wheels stay perfectly true when you break a spoke?
re: Vector Prorstel66
Mar 7, 2001 7:42 PM
Well most of the members on my racing team uses Vector Pros. We range from 160 to over 200 lbs in weight. The wheels have been great in both training (including indoor on the trainers) and racing. So far in three years the only problem was a broken spoke on our "clydesdale"'s set and he's had them for a couple of years. And any set of rims that breaks a spoke will go out of true. But the Rolfs were still rideable after the broken spoke. I'm a long time user of 32 spoke wheelsets, been riding 28 spoke wheels for 2 years and am buying a new bike with Rolfs. Every wheel has it's good points and bad, just try them out (There are shops with demo programs for Rolf and Shimano) and go with what you want.

Ride on!
re: Vector ProMarty
Mar 7, 2001 9:44 PM
Dude! Rolfs are great!
As for the spoke breaking BS that gets spread around, check out the place I got mine at!
They also had the best price and when I called them they told me more than my local "expert" pro shop Trek dealer could!

Fragile... then why do cyclocrossers use them?
re: Vector ProDean
Mar 8, 2001 4:11 AM
I live about 15 minutes from this shop. Sprockets is greate to deal with, I get as much as I can through them. Do you live in Toledo or did you mail order them? I am looking for someone to train with occasionally, do you live in the Toledo area?
re: Vector ProMarty
Mar 8, 2001 7:02 AM
No I live in New Jersey. I have ordered stuff from Sprockets and found them to be very reasonably priced and helpful. One of my co-workers turned me on to them. Maybe they can set you up with some groups to ride with. I spoke with them before I got my RVP's and they said that Rolf live there in Toledo. Maybe you could even talk to Rolf? I met Rolf in Austin last year during the Ride for the Roses. he is pretty cool! Definitly an engineer.

Good luck!
No such person as Rolf!Tooth Fairy
Mar 8, 2001 4:29 PM
You met Rolf? I don't thinks so!!! Rolf is a not a person but a marketing gimmick by Trek. Rolf does not exist.Period.

Did you meet the easter bunny and santa clause too? I hear they have good wheels too! Please, give me a break.
Lemond is made up too!BipedZed
Mar 8, 2001 6:07 PM
You idiot.
Rolf Dietrich would be rather suprised to find out...Kathy
Mar 9, 2001 4:08 AM
he doesn't exist after all these years. Nice of you to spout off without any real knowledge. Good thing you posted anonymously so you wouldn't publicly embarrass yourself.
Dead wrongDean
Mar 9, 2001 5:08 AM
You are DEAD wrong! I met Rolf Deitrich last nigh at a LBS. It is the same person as pictured on the Rolf web stie. He was very friendly and actually asked me about my wheelset.
I met Ronald McDonald oncepmf
Mar 12, 2001 7:51 AM
I can see it now. As part of a marketing blitz for their wheels, Trek hires this hip looking German guy to play the part of engineer designer of these wheels that are secretly designed by in-house Trek engineers. They even go so far as to send him on publicity trips. In truth, all the Trek designers are big, fat bald guys who never ride bikes, but they can't let this be known and certianly can't let them be photographed for advertisements.
Rolf HistoryTJeanloz
Mar 13, 2001 7:00 AM
Despite the degree to which I dislike Trek, it should be noted that Rolf is not an invention of theirs. In fact, those who have been around the industry for more than a couple of years will remember the first year Rolf wheels were imported- I think it was 1997; and Trek had absolutely nothing to do with Rolf. Rolf had a pretty tough time breaking into the American market, that problem was solved by having Trek buy the exclusive distribution rights, and later the US manufacturing rights to the Rolf design.
I met Ronald McDonald onceHap
Mar 13, 2001 8:01 AM
The plot thickens when we learn that the actor hired to look like Rolf, the German Engineer, and make these PR stops for Trek is really a Mavic spy giving Subliminal messages to the bike crowd that Ksyriums are the best, most durable wheels ever and Rolfs are junk. Mavic market share increases 23% and carbon fibre frames get an undeserved reputation as feeling "dead". Darn those corporate Spies.

Stay tuned for "who was really behind the Lemond hunting incident"

(the above is merely in jest, and it took me 1/2 hour to get past the censors with the last sentance. I favored something a little more reminisent of "Dallas", the TV show not the Warren Commision Report) ;)
I represent that remark! nmRolf Dietrich
Mar 9, 2001 7:18 AM
re: Vector Pro, Ksyrium or VelomaxDavid
Mar 7, 2001 2:00 PM
Ksyriums are cheaper than the others if you are willing to get them through mail order like I Less than 480.00 and it took less than a week to my door.
re: Vector Pro, Ksyrium or VelomaxRimfire
Mar 7, 2001 5:48 PM
Best to purchase at LBS, then they can offer service if needed.
re: Vector Pro, Ksyrium or VelomaxRicochet
Mar 7, 2001 7:56 PM
Mavics bought via grey marketers from overseas do not have any warranty. Mavic will will not cover product obtained through non authorized sources.
Who says they're not authorized...MMaggi
Mar 9, 2001 6:19 AM
to sell Mavic wheels?

Bottom line is that places such as SDEALS.COM,,, offer very competitive prices and chances are, they're authorized dealers. If you don't know for sure, you ask if they are and if they honor the product warranty.

If you have problem with any product you buy from them, you simply notify them by e-mail and send the product back for service or a full/partial refund.

Sure it's a pain in the butt to mail something out, but I think it's well worth the risk especially when you consider that you're purchasing a very strong and proven product such as the Mavic Ks at less than $500 DELIVERED to your home.
Ksyrium vs. Velomax - I've ridden both...Slow Ned
Mar 8, 2001 6:27 AM
Dean -

I weigh 200lbs (racing weight is a svelte 190). I am deadly hard on wheels, and have blown up more sets than most folks will ever own.

I rode a borrowed set of Ksyriums which belonged to a friend for one month. I also currently own a set of Velomax Orion Comps.

The Ksyriums were one of the nicest set of wheels I have ridden. They were stiff and durable. I beat the holy dog-crap out of them (hitting holes and RR tracks - don't tell my pal) and they didn't come out of true.

My complaints are twofold: if you break a spoke (which is probably not common), you have to enter into the black hole that is factory service via Mavic to get a replacement. So far, I have had great luck with Mavic, although the process is quite slow. I have also found that Mavic's quality control is spotty - I've seen several lemons all along their product line in the past few years.

I have had the Orion Comps for 3 weeks. They are smooth and very light (lighter than K's). In fact, I didn't think wheels of this weight were an option for a guy my size until now. I have a couple of hundred miles on them and they are still dead-on true. They seem a bit more compliant/spongy than K's, which is my only knock. More saddle time will clarify this.

I have been very impressed w. the Orion Comps. They are purpose-built for larger riders. They have "normal" spokes, but your LBS would have to have a spoke-threading machine to replace one. The event of breakage seems unlikely due to the design, and I have heard great stories about Velomax's own service.

To through another option into the mix, I also own a set of Chris King/Mavic CXP33's which I got from Excel Sports in Boulder, Colorado while on vacation there. The King hubs rock, and the folks at Excel are masterful builders (although your local shop could build them too by simply ordering the hubs & whatever rims you wanted). I have had these since last October and they are still true (which is a new durability record for me). The nice thing is, they are not exotic in terms of service - just regular spoked wheels. They are darned near as light as Orions and are easy enough for any shop to maintain. They are also very stiff and solid, with superb power tranfser.

I would have to say that they are the nicest set of wheels I have ever ridden. So this might be another option for you. The rear is 32 spoke, and the front is 28, by the way. You might consider a 36 rear and 32 front if you are 220lbs.

Never ridden Rolfs - they just don't appeal to me for some reason. I've also heard as many people say that they are crap as those that say they are great. I've heard people refer to them as "the worst set of wheels ever made". This makes me leery, but again, I restate I have never ridden them myself.

Hope this helps.
Ksyrium vs. Velomax - I've ridden both...Marty
Mar 8, 2001 7:16 AM
There seems to be alot of either a. Trek haters or b. German haters.
Considering the success that Rolfs have enjoyed in Pro racing with Casino and AG2R, Rolfs are a better wheel than the detractors can stand! Don't waste the bandwidth on USPS and Rolf vs. Mavic.
Mavic is a bigger company than Rolf and Trek combined. They can afford to BUY the wheels for Johann's postal team.

Not to mention all the Rolf imitators that are out there now. Even Shimano copied Rolf. Need I say more?

What about the Kysriums that fell apart last year during the Spring classics? Several Posties went down when the wheels failed.
Aluminum spokes? Not for me, I have to pay for my kids tuition!

Velomax.... I looked at those. Cant get spokes easily. Other than that they look OK.
Campy NucleonsMMaggi
Mar 8, 2001 7:07 AM
Have you considered Campagnolo Nucleons?

I have done much research on wheels and my findings always point to them. They're a light, (aluminum clincher wheelset weighs in at 1580g) excellent climbing wheel that's VERY durable. I've been told that they're more durable than Mavic Ks and that was by shops that sold both for riders well over 200lbs so being under 200lbs shouldn't be an issue.

Contact Charlie Weisel at Empire Cycles (

He'll give you an unbelievable price on the Nucleons.
re: Vector Pro, Ksyrium or VelomaxIan
Mar 8, 2001 4:37 PM
I rode Vector Comps on my Trek 5200. I sold that bike and I am building up a new one. I was up in the air between the Velomax Ascent Comps and Ksyriums. I weigh 215 and put 2,500 miles on my Vector Comps without any problems. One of my good friends weighs 195 and has over 2,500 miles on his Vector Pros without any problems. I just don't buy the hype when people say "These wheels are not for big guys". I have about 10 fellow riders who ride Ksyriums. They range in weight from 145 to 205. Every single one of them loves their wheels, none of them have had problems. I don't know anyone who rides Velomax wheels, so those are the one I decided to get. I have heard enough good things about them on this board and decided to take a leap of faith. I just don't want the wheels that everyone else has. I can't tell you how they ride because I haven't received them yet. So, that is what a fellow rider in your situation did. Good luck.
Ks are very strong wheels.TNC
Mar 8, 2001 7:03 PM
I work part-time at a shop, and I've not seen a rider weight limit in any of Mavic's dealer documentation on the Ksyriums. These wheels are based on the same technology as Mavic's CrossMax MTB wheel. Spokes are readily available from any LBS that is a Mavic dealer. This is one of the best aero and light weight wheelsets out there. Wheels this aero are not usually this light. Wheels draw alot of personal and emotional opinions, but Ks are a very good choice even if they are a little expensive. Oh, did I mention how sweet the hubs are?
Vector Pro, KsyriumsXeke
Mar 9, 2001 7:48 PM
My original edition Vector Pros (polished hubs w/ unpainted rims) have over 15K miles without a single hiccup.

The Sestrieres haven't been so dependable. After about 2K miles, the front wheel popped the heads off a couple of the nipples, one of them while the bike was sitting in the garage. The LBS spun a batch of new nipples on the wheel at my request and there's been no problems since.

I wouldn't recommend the Sestrieres to the big boys, but the Pros are solid wheels.

The Velomax wheels don't have eyelets... Hmmm....

After all of that as well as a short test ride on the Ksyriums, the Mavics will be on the next bike....
Data Pointgrz mnky
Mar 12, 2001 10:05 AM
Saw a average to large sized guy on the side of the road during the Solvang Century this weekend holding his rear wheel. Turns out it was a Rolf (not sure of the model) and he had broken a spoke on what looked like a decent rim on a new Trek OCLV. I offered to help and suggested that he open his brake caliper so he could limp along. No good, the rim was rubbing on the frame due to the low spoke count. He was screwed. It would be interesting to see if his warranty covers it. Have yet to see/hear a Ksyrium problem - other than mine when I crashed into a gaurdrail when being jumped by a doe and wanged the rear wheel and rear der.