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Michelin Axial Pro's(1 post)

Michelin Axial Pro'sDetlef
Mar 7, 2001 5:47 AM
Here a meesage to all cyclist,

last summer I bought a set of black Axial Pro's which looked great on my Ksyriums. But as the kilometres passed away I noticed that the tires are some kind of dirt magnets. Every little thing which I passed on my trips sticked to the tires. After any ride I had to us a toothpick to release all the little peaces of glass and stone.
It also feeled if the tires where holding back when I was speeding over 40 kilometres an hour.
My conclusion only the tires when you're a glass and stone freak. Otherwise try another pair. I use to rideCorsa CX with less problems and now I'm trying the much cheaper Excel's from Hutchinson.