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Campy expert help needed(6 posts)

Campy expert help neededJohnG
Mar 6, 2001 9:11 PM
Yiikes..... I just assembled my new Record/Chorus 10 speed system and couldn't get the rear der working "right". Well, it turns out I got sent 9 speed ergo levers. :-( I'm not sure what happened as the box is clearly marked "10 speed".

What do you guys recommend??? Should I try to exchange both levers or is it easy enough to change the cams??? Is the front cam the same for both 9 and 10 speed?? I guess I'd prefer to just exchange the levers but I'm really looking for the best/simplist solution. I don't mind learning how to do the cam swap as I figure it would be a good experience. I've also got an email into the vendor so this will be a good test of his customer service. I'll let you all know what transpires on that front.

Thanks JohnG
re: Campy expert help neededTJeanloz
Mar 7, 2001 6:13 AM
You're definitely going to want to get new levers. For starters, overhauling an ergo lever is a serious pain- there's a reason most shops charge >$50 for the service. And then there's the issue that Campy claims the new shift cams won't fit in the old lever body (it's not true). And then there's the fact that Campy has yet to make available the 10spd shifter cams as an aftermarket part- nobody really has enough shifts on one to have worn one out, but I suspect the cam should be available late this year.
re: Campy expert help neededJohnG
Mar 7, 2001 7:28 AM
Thanks for the advise.

One more question: The ergo shifters have the "10 speed" label on the upper part of the brake levers. They look identical to my brothers 10 Chorus levers also. Do you know if Campy distributes the 9 speed ergo levers with a "10 speed" brake lever label???? I'm trying to understand how this problem could have occured. I.e. was it a screw up at the Campy factory or what. :-(

Thanks again
re: Campy expert help neededJohnG
Mar 7, 2001 8:33 AM
New insight..... is it possible the rear deraileur is a 9 speed instead of a 10 speed????? I.e. a 9 speed shifter would have a different "action" than a 10 speed shifter for a given cable length change. This would make a lot more sense than having the ergo cams goofed up. A bike friend just told me that the ergo "cams" are the same except for a difference in the # of teeth.

I'm going to check the der box tonight!

re: Campy expert help neededScottV
Mar 7, 2001 9:24 AM
I don't know about the shifters but I'm pretty sure the deraileurs have either 9 or 10 speed printed on them.
Doah...... Problem solved!JohnG
Mar 7, 2001 9:35 PM
There was small "kink" where the cable attached to the derailleur and that caused a slightly goofy action in the der. I'm a little surprised that such a small "kink" could cause this problem but I guess that just points up the sensitivity of the 10 system. Anyway, it shifts perfectly now that the cable is straight.

Thanks all