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From Shimano 105 to Ultegra(6 posts)

From Shimano 105 to Ultegraride
Mar 6, 2001 9:31 AM
I currently have shimano 105, but came across a great deal on an Ultegra crank set and I was wondering if they are compatible? Would I need a new bottom bracket spindle, cups, or bearings? If I don't have to replace those parts and keep the 105 currently there, is it worth it to have the Ultegra crank set?
Thanks for you help!
re: From Shimano 105 to UltegraSpoke Wrench
Mar 6, 2001 9:41 AM

If you are replacing a 9-speed 105 double with a 9-speed Ultegra double, It should be a direct bolt up.

Generally, I'm not that lucky. I'd find one of them would have the old tapered square mounting and I'd be off buying new parts to make my "bargain" crank work.
re: From Shimano 105 to Ultegradaveb
Mar 6, 2001 10:28 AM
For doubles, ultegra weighs 643 grams, 105 weighs 683 (shimano data). .thats not even a clif bar.
re: From Shimano 105 to Ultegraride
Mar 6, 2001 3:21 PM
I'm not so worried about weight, but I currently have a three ring crank and don't ever use the smallest one, so I wanted to go to a 2 ring crank. One of my buddies just told me it's more complicated than it seems though.
re: From Shimano 105 to UltegraLarry Meade
Mar 6, 2001 4:11 PM
If you are going from triple to double, you will need to switch the bottom bracket as well. All other parts will work but the front shifting may not be quite as crisp as if you switch to a double front derailleur.
hey, just like me!daveb
Mar 6, 2001 4:14 PM
I got a good deal on a bike with a 105 triple and i just built it up with the two rings. I figured i didnt need that ring, so why put it on? well, as ive discovered this creates a few problems.

now ive just got a 52/42 combo, which gives quite narrower range than a normal 53/39. secondly, my chain line is messed up so that its really hard to shut up the derailleur drag when im in my 42 and the lower cogs. also, if the chain ever drops inside of your 42, it gets hung up and totally stuck on the little bolt holes for that missing ring.

All this hassle for not wanting to pack around a 20g chainring! (actually the total difference between a 105 triple and a 105 double is 105 grams (hmmmm..), including the different deraileurs and bb; 177 grams if you go to full ultegra)

I decided to put my inner ring back on and live with it, but keep my ears open for anybody that wants to swap me for my triple. Ive also put up a note at a couple lbs's. eventually ill meet someone who got a great deal on a bike with a double who is thinking they might want an triple. in the meantime im packing a secret weapon for the mt doug hillclimb TT later this summer!

I want to eventually go to a double, but not so much that id drop a big wad of cash on some new cranks. remember youve also got to deal with the bb and deraileurs. good luck!