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Threaded or Threadless?(3 posts)

Threaded or Threadless?tim_b
Mar 6, 2001 9:15 AM
I recently upgraded my wheelset to Velomax Ascents, and I feel the road much more then with the stock wheels... So I've been considering putting a carbon fork on my bike, in hopes of dampening this. My question is whether I can get a way with a threaded fork, thus saving $$ by using my current stem and headset, or should I dive in fulling with the threadless, and buy new headset and stem????
What's Your Budget?grz mnky
Mar 6, 2001 11:16 AM
It really comes down to a question of $$$, as in how much do you want to spend. You didn't say your bike/fork models, but in general, going with a carbon fork should be a noticable improvement. Some would even add the qualifier "significant", but it's for you to decide.

You should be able to get a threaded version and slap it in using all of your old parts. Be careful about getting the proper rake (and threading) - it has a fairly significant effect on handling. You could probably go with some house label for under $200, which is typically made by some large well known fork mfr., but will lack their label and possibly some of the quality controls.

If you go threadless then the sky is the limit. You'll need a new headset (or bore out your old one on a lathe) and a new stem. You may find that you have to add a bunch of spacers and use a stem with rise to get your handle bars back in the same location. With a CF steerer you can easily chop a half pound off your ride, very little if you stick with steel. Expect to shell out something like $500 if you go for higher end stuff.

BTW - I went from an older threaded Time CF/steel steerer to a threadless carbon steerer Ouzo Pro and noticed a huge difference. Adding a Chris King headset made the steering super smooth, and a Ritchey stem took away a lot of the inherent flex of the quill system. Dropping the weight was a really nice since I do a lot of climbing.

If you think you may want ot go "whole hog" and upgrade everything in the near future you'd be better off buying an entirely new bike - it's much cheaper than buying all the parts individually.

Happy hunting!
re: Threaded or Threadless?Ian
Mar 12, 2001 6:33 PM
I would agree with Grz Mky, it depends on your budget. If you are going to spend $150 on an inexpensive carbon fork, stay with the threaded. But if you have $300 for a fork, then I would try to get another $100 together and go threadless.

Also, how do like your new wheels. I will be ordering a pair of the Ascent Comps later this week