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handlebar width question(3 posts)

handlebar width questionHoward
Mar 6, 2001 6:21 AM
Using the standard 'measure your shoulders side-to-side by the bony protusions at the edges of your shoulders' method for handlebar width, once you have this number (call it "AA" for simplicity)

how does AA translate into a handlebar size for those handlebars that FLARE out (the distance between drops is greater than the distance between brake hoods)at the drops?

In other words, should the AA number be geared to the distance between the drops or should AA be geared to the distance between the brake hoods?

Thank you.
If it feels good, ride itSilverback
Mar 6, 2001 7:51 AM
It's possible to get too caught up in the formulae for stuff like this...I don't know that anybody's ever gone to the trouble of figuring this out for flared bars, or even if it's possible to do that, but there's a wider range of variation in the human body than most of the allegedly infallible rules of sizing allow for. If you lock yourself into something like "0.87 times measurement A plus 1 mm for every inch I'm over 6 feet" or whatever, you may be riding a bike that's perfect for Lance but doesn't fit you.
re: handlebar width questiongrz mnky
Mar 6, 2001 1:45 PM
Flared bars are usually found on 'cross bikes. Typically they're wider than a normal set of drop bars and are there for added stability. You see the same sort of thing on MTBs. Cross country single track types might have bars on the narrow side (or even cut down) to get between tighter trees, while the downhill & dual slalmo crowd tend to go for wider bars and might have rise. Ultimately it all comes down to your riding style and intended use.