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Generic Carbon Forks(4 posts)

Generic Carbon ForksERap Estrade (Penniless)
Mar 5, 2001 4:44 PM
What do you think of generic carbon forks? I'm being offered one (with a steel steerer) for around $50. It's brand new, and even though it may be VERY cheap, cysling stuff here is sold at quite a lower price than in the U.S

Maybe Doug Sloan can help me here?
re: Generic Carbon ForksBrit Racer
Mar 6, 2001 2:07 AM
You'd be suprised at how few DIFFERENT carbon forks there really are - several brands simply sell a fork that they buy in, label as their own and mark up the price.

Example - I currently have a set of no-name, no-decal carbon forks that have an aluminium steerer. I paid around 100GBP for them. They are identical (I mean really identical,not just in dealer spec...) to both Profile, Look and other brands' models that cost from 120 to 150GBP...

Most carbon forks are made in a handful of factories and then sold on so why not just save the money... My advice would be to look at these cheap forks closely and then try and see if you can find the same ones branded up by a big name - if you can then you've got a bargain. Otherwise it's more of a gamble.

It's also worth noting that many carbon forks are no lighter than steel / aluminium ones but do provide better road damping (and looks!) but you do pay for the 'carbon' tag...
re: Generic Carbon Forksyapsaw
Mar 6, 2001 12:05 PM
Hey ERap Estrade. Which store did you inquire your fork from? Most of them are either Advance brand or Kinesis. Both are good and reliable. $50 seem right. Anyway, try Newton at Del Monte Ave in Quezon City. I know he has some at a good $$$.
re: Generic Carbon ForksErap Estrada
Mar 6, 2001 3:12 PM
Hey Yapsaw,

Nice to know another fellow countryman is surfing around this board. I'll check Newton when I have the time, QC is quite far from where I live. Thanks!