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OK here is one....carbon steerer support(2 posts)

OK here is one....carbon steerer supportmikey
Mar 5, 2001 12:30 PM
I guess I will try to start this new board off here.

I have a question about carbon steerers. Is there anything needed inside the steerer tube to support the steerer itself. I have heard that carbon steerers can be deformed from the pressures exerted on them. Is this true? All that I have in my steerer is the Headset Pressure Plug(right wording???) that tightens the headset and attaches to the top cap. Is this all that is needed for support?

that's itDog
Mar 5, 2001 1:08 PM
nothing else inside; remember no star nut, just in case you might have one; it doesn't take that much pressure on the top cap to tighten sufficiently, just enough so that after the stem is tightened, grab the front brake and rock the bike, and it doesn't move in the headset - too loose and you feel movement; too tight, and you'll feel friction when you turn the fork unloaded